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If it hits the umpire behind home plate, it is a foul ball. If it hits a field umpire who is in bounds, then it is a live ball, meaning that the batter might be thrown out at first, or he might reach first base safely (and then this would be scored as a hit without an error),

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What does the umpire do when a batsman hits the ball to the boundary

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The umpire calls you out on next ball

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Q: What does the umpire do when a batsman hits the ball to the boundary?
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What is a sixer in cricket?

a sixer is when the batsman hits a shot without touching the boundary.

If the cricket ball hits the bat then goes onto the leg is it still LBW?

Yes. If it then hits the batman outside of off, then the batsman has to have not offered a genuine shot to be out. If he has offered a shot and it hits him outside off, it is not out. But this is not where it pitched. As long as the ball pitches in-line with the stumps or outside off, the batsman can be adjudged LBW

How does a batsman score4 runs?

If the batsman hits the ball such that the fielders fail to stop it reaching the boundary of the field, four runs are credited to him immediately, irrespective of the number of times he ran between the wickets. If the ball flies directly over the boundary without touching the ground inside the field, then the batsman scores six runs instead of four.

Can a batsman who hits a ball that reflects off a fieldsmans helmet be given out?

Batsman is declared as not out

What if the ball was caught when the bat hits the ball and at that time of hitting the ball the bat slips and it hits the ball on its own without batsman's intentions will that be considered as out or?

Yaa, if someone takes a catch then the batsman is out definitely.

What is super six in cricket?

A six is when the batsman hits the ball beyond the boundary line without it touching the ground first. You receive 6 runs for this and that's why it's called a six or sixer. It is the equivalent of a home run in baseball.

What happene if the ball hits a pad without touching the bat and the batsman was in the line of stump but he is 2 meter ahead from the stump?

not out unless it is plum this is because the umpire is demmed to be unsure on the balls activities

If the striking batsman hits the ball and runs arriving to the non striking batsman's crease but the non striking batsman never leaves his crease who is out if the striker wicket is hit by the ball?

it is the striking batsman who ran

Softball hits umpire in fair territory?

if the umpire is inside the base path, then it is a dead ball... no pitch --- if the umpire is outside the base paths then it is a live ball

In baseball why is the runner on 1st awarded 2nd if a pitched ball lodges between the catcher's chest protector and chest. What rules apply?

The following is copied from MLB rule 5.09(g): " (g) A pitched ball lodges in the umpire's or catcher's mask or paraphernalia, and remains out of play, runners advance one base;Rule 5.09(g) Comment: If a foul tip hits the umpire and is caught by a fielder on the rebound, the ball is "dead" and the batsman cannot be called out. The same shall apply where such foul tip lodges in the umpire's mask or other paraphernalia.If a third strike (not a foul tip) passes the catcher and hits an umpire, the ball is in play. If such ball rebounds and is caught by a fielder before it touches the ground, the batsman is not out on such a catch, but the ball remains in play and the batsman may be retired at first base, or touched with the ball for the out.If a pitched ball lodges in the umpire's or catcher's mask or paraphernalia, and remains out of play, on the third strike or fourth ball, then the batter is entitled to first base and all runners advance one base. If the count on the batter is less than three balls, runners advance one base. "

How are points and runs obtained in playing cricket?

You don't get points in cricket, but you do get runs and these are scored when a batsman hits a ball that's bowled at him and the ball goes far away enough to enable him and the batsman the other end to run from one wicket to the other. If they can do that more than once they get a run for each time. But if the ball goes to the boundary they score 4 runs anyway and if the ball goes over the boundary without having touched the ground they score 6.

Is the batsman out in the bowler bowles the ball full toss straight to batsman's shoulder and the batsman hits the wickets with his bat?

Yes. It's Hit Wicket.