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September 13th, 2008 vs. UAB.

Tennessee: 35 UAB: 3

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โˆ™ 2008-09-29 18:03:15
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Q: When did the Tennessee volunteers win their last game?
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Did the Tennessee Volunteers win the 1998 Rose Bowl?

The Tennessee Volunteers won the 1998 College Football Championship in the Rose Bowl stadium.The Tennessee Volunteers beat the Florida State Seminoles and the Tennessee Volunteers were 1998 College Football Champions.

What is the win-loss record of the Kentucky Wildcats vs Tennessee Volunteers?

50 years

Does Alabama or Tennessee have a longer winning streak in college football?

I'm guessing you want the all time win streak record between the two... The Alabama Crimson Tide has a 28 game win streak The Tennessee Volunteers have a 23 game win streak

In what state did the South win its last major victory?


Will the Tennessee Volunteers make the NCAA tournament?

If they win their final game against Vanderbilt and win two games in the SEC tournament, I think they should be in. They beat Florida twice, and a then ranked #11 UConn team. They will be a bubble team for sure though.

How many former Tennessee Volunteers football players play for the Green Bay Packers?

Hopefully none, they dont deserve a win

Who will win in the 2008 UCLA vs Tennessee football game?


Which NCAA Division 1 women's basketball team was the last to go undefeated and go on to win the national championship?

The last women's team to go undefeated and go on to win the national championship was the 2001-2002 Connecticut Huskies that went 39-0. Tennessee Volunteers were undefeated in 1998 and wre also 39-0.

Did redskins win their last game?


Did she win Her Last Game?

Yes , she did.

What is the win-loss record of the Florida Gators vs Tennessee Volunteers?

As of the start of the 2007 season, Tennessee leads the all time series with Florida 19-17.As of Nov 5th, 2009, the Series is tied at 19-19.

Did Peyton Manning win a national championship?

No indeed Peyton Manning did not win a National Championship in college for Tennessee Volunteers but he did take Tennessee to the a National Championship game where they were mauled by a much more talented Nebraska Corn-huskers. Note worth mentioning, the next year Tennessee did go to the title game and win the bcs title the very next year, with a not so talented quarterback in Tee Martin. Tee Martin was also quoted saying "When Peyton played for Tennessee he never had the team like we do now, getting the talent on offense and defense helped us not only get past Florida but win the championship" (in other words Peyton never really had a lot of great talent at the time.

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