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The 1984 packers vs the steeler the steelers scored 3 touchdowns in the last minute to win the playoff game.

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Q: Who scored the most touchdowns in the last minute of the game?
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How many touchdowns was scored by the falcons last year?

A total of 43 touchdowns were scored by the Atlana Falcons last year.

How many touchdowns per game did the Philadelphia Eagles average last year?

The 2008 Eagles scored 45 touchdowns in 16 regular season games for an average of 2.8 TDs scored per game.

Most touchdowns scored in last 2 minutes of an nfl game?

21 Pittsburgh 1984 against green bay

How many touchdowns has Adrian Peterson scored?

For the last 4 years of pro, he has gotten 52 touchdowns in rushing, and 2 touchdowns by receiving.

Most points scored in one minute in basketball?

On December 4, 2009, Tracy McGrady of the Houston Rockets scored 13 points in the last minute of a game (in fact, within 35 seconds!) against the San Antonio Spurs. He scored 4 three-pointers including a 4-point play. The Rockets scored 17 points in the last minute (possibly a record), and they had a net gain of 11 points in the last minute (also possibly a record).

How was the last person to score at highbury stadium?

In Arsenal's last home game of the 2005-06 season, in which they beat Wigan Athletic 4 - 2, the last three goals of the match, scored in the 35th, 56th, and 76th minute, were all scored by Frenchman Thierry Henry.

Which team has scored the most last minute goals?

manchester united

Was Crosby on the ice in the last minute of the gold medal game?

yes, in fact he scored the goal that made the Canadians victorious in the Olympic hockey tournament in 2010.

What was the most touchdowns in the first quarter?

The last answer was wrong saying 5 in that same game but it was 6 passing touchdowns by Tom Brady against the Titans in 2009.

When was the last goal in 1999 champions league?

The last goal of the legendary 1999 champions league final was scored in the 3rd minute of inury time. It was scored by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Whoo scored for Manchester united against inter Milan in the champions league last night?

The two goals scored last night in the champion league by Manchester United were by Vidic in the 4th minute and Chrristiano Ronaldo in the 49th minute verses Inter Milan.

In a game of croquet what is the ball known as when it has scored its last hoop point?

When a ball has scored its last hoop point, it becomes a rover.

Who scored the most points scored last 2 minutes of nfl game?

LA Rams

Did the cowboys ever score three touchdowns in last two min Of play?

No, but during the Roger Staubach era of the 1970s, the Cowboys performed last-minute magic many times.

The braves scored 5 runs in the 1st game 4 runs in the 2nd game and 0 in the last game The Gaints scored 6 runs in the 1st game 1 run in the 2nd game and 3 runs in the last game How many more runs?

2 bitch

Who scored his last point of his career on the last play of the last game of the NBA Finals?

Mitch Richmond

In a premiership game of football when are most goals scored?

Most goals are scored in the last 20 minutes in a E.P.L.

Has Any nfl team ever made 3 touchdowns after the 2 minute warning?


In remember the titans who scored the last touchdown of the last game?

jerry the "rev" #10 in the movie.

What is the most points scored by fantasy football running back?

Adrian Peterson scored 53 in a game last year.

Why do they announce the last minute of play of a period?

The announcers in a hockey game announce the last minute of play of a period as warning for the players. It is like a two minute warning in football.

How long does a full competitive netball game last?

a standard game of netball consists of 4 15 minute quarters .This totals up to be a 60 minute game.

What Quarterback scored the game winning touchdown in the Ice Bowl?

Green Bay Packer Quarterback Bart Starr scored the last TD of the game. It was a 1 yard run.

In a 3 game baseball series the braves scored 5 runs in the first game 4 runs in the second game and 0 runs in the last game the giants scored 6 runs in the first game you run in the second game and?

1 more run

Who scored the last football league goal in 20th century?

Darren Huckerby, playing for Manchester City, scored a penalty in the 90th minute of a Manchester City v. Charlton game, which kicked off at 15:00 UTC on December 30, 2000, the final goal in the Premier League in the 20th Century. Jarkko Wiss scored a goal in the 90th minute of a 3 - 2 loss for Portsmouth against Wolverhampton Wanderers, the latest goal in the First Division on that date. Gary Owers scored for Notts County in the 90th minute of an away game against Millwall, the latest goal in the Second Division on that date. The second, and final, goal in the only Third Division fixture on that date was scored by Torquay's Eifion Williams, in a one-all draw against Southend United.

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