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team a would win

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Q: If team a win 4 of last 5 match and team b win 4 of last 5 match which team will win the game?
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What is the definition of match in sports?

A match in sports is usually called a game, in which a single or group of players try to win on a team or individually.

What was the last NBA team to win the all star game?

the west

When did the New Zealand national cricket team last win a match?

August 9 agains Pakistan.

What is the last team to win the NFL championship game?

Minnesota Vikings, 1969.

What is the difference between a tennis game and a match?

Usually in volleyball, you have to win 3 games out of 5. So, all of the games combined is a match, but each individual one is called a game. This is correct: "China and USA had a match against each other". This is incorrect: "China and USA had a game against each other". That's incorrect because they didn't have just one game, they had 3 games, which is the same as a match.

The team with maximum points wins the match .( Pick out the collective noun )?

yes they will win the game

Can a team of player ever win a match Why?


What does a match in volleyball?

a match is when the team and the other team are a tie and only 1 piont left to win

What is the grammatical difference between win and beat?

Win can be intransitive (no object): What was the result of the match? We won. Win can also be transitive (have an object), Beat (as a verb) MUST have an object. One can WIN a game, a match, a debate, an argument Once can BEAT the other team, the opponent

Is there a way to get a higher match bonus in mw2?

first you need to win. get match bonuses by: kills game points eg. team deatchmatch you get points for the kills challenges

How do you win the match stick game where the last person with the match losses?

there is no way to ensure that you win it.... you just have to play the game right... there are a few tricks like evening the bottom rows up and 123 trick and 154 trick(in order of rows)

What does a match mean in volleyball?

a match is when the team and the other team are a tie and only 1 piont left to win