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I'm guessing you want the all time win streak record between the two... The Alabama Crimson Tide has a 28 game win streak The Tennessee Volunteers have a 23 game win streak

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Q: Does Alabama or Tennessee have a longer winning streak in college football?
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Which college football team have the most wins all time?

Alabama crimson tide are the winning-est team in college

What is alabama's win loss record against Nebraska in college football?

Through the 2008 season, Alabama and Nebraska have played five times with Alabama winning three times and Nebraska winning twice.

How many times have Michigan and Tennessee versed each other in college football?

Once ... the 2002 Florida Citrus Bowl with Tennessee winning, 45-17.

Longest college football winning streak?

universality of Wisconsin-Whitewater has the longest winning streak in all of college football

Who is the most winning football college?


Who has the current longest home winning streak in ncaa football?


How many times has Maryland played Alabama in football?

3 with Alabama winning twice and Maryland winning once ... Alabama won in 1952 and 1974 and Maryland won in 1953.

Which ncca football team in sec as the best winning percentage?

alabama, lsu

When was the last time the university of Michigan played the university of Tennessee in football?

Michigan and Tennessee have met only once in football ... that being the 2002 Florida Citrus Bowl with Tennessee winning 45-17.

How many times did uga beat Alabama football in the 1970s?

Once. The teams played four times in the 1970s with Alabama winning in 1972, 1973, and 1977 and Georgia winning in 1976.

How many times has Michigan played Tennessee in football?

Once ... the 2002 Florida Citrus Bowl with Tennessee winning 45-17.

What is the all time record Alabama vs Wisconsin football?

Alabama and Wisconsin have met once in football (November 3, 1928) with Wisconsin winning, 15-0, in Madison.

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