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Q: When did NFL players start wearing gloves?
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What year did NFL receivers start wearing gloves?

1939 the same ear helmets became obligatory

Why cant you buy the gloves the nfl players wear?

You can. NFL players can wear any glove they want but they have to have an NfL shield on it.

What gloves do the professionals football players wear?

Most NFL players wear Reebok gloves because Reebok is a sponsor of the NFL. However, I think Cutters gloves are the best gloves. They have great grip and are very comfortable. they also wear a lot of nike

What year did NFL players start wearing plastic helmets?

Back in the early 40's when T.V.'s came out

What year did players start wearing helmets in the NFL?

Helmets were worn by most NFL players when the league started in 1920, however they were not made mandatory until 1943. The NCAA did not require players to wear helmets until 1939.

Why does someone else give water to NFL players why can't NFL players pick up the water bottle themselves and drink it?

They don't want to wet their gloves.

Why cant pros show the oval on cutter gloves in NFL?

Because of trademark issues. The NFL sponsors players to wear NFL equipment as part of their contract. The oval is show on the gloves because it is non removable just like the Nike logo on there gloves. But the cutter sign on the wrist strap is removed

When did receivers start wearing gloves in the NFL?

If you want a more complete answer, most wide receivers did not wear gloves from the start of football through the 70s and into the 80s. It was a relative rarity until the mid-80s, and it was a big deal that every member of the Redskins "Posse" wore them in the mid-late 80s. Even then, the gloves were nothing like the heavily tackified and sticky gloves that players today wore. Basically, the trend started in the late 80s, but they have become more and more of a tool used for making acrobatic, one-handed catches since the 90s and early 2000s. A fair number of players have admitted to it significantly aiding them in catching the ball today.

What is the letter C that the NFL players are wearing on their uniforms?

The C on the uniform is to show who the 3 team captains are.

What school has most current NFL players?

For the start of the 2009 NFL regular season LSU & Miami are tied for the most players on NFL rosters with 41 players. current list is at 2011 - Texas has 46

How many active NFL players does Louisiana State University have?

According to, LSU has 36 players on NFL rosters at the start of the 2007 season.

What is the number of players an nfl team can have at the start of the regular season?


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