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Q: What year did the Cincinnati Bengals start wearing tiger-striped helmets?
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When did the Cincinnati Bengals debut their tiger-striped helmets?

The Bengals started wearing the tiger stripe helmet beginning with the 1981 season. This was the same season that they appeared in their first Super Bowl.

How do you prevent hair loss from wearing helmets?

By tying a scarf or some cloth on your head before wearing helmets.

How many motorcycle deaths to not wearing helmets in Texas?

There will be a so many members 2 death a not a wearing helmets in texas

When did they first start wearing helmets in the tour de france?

The wearing of helmets became compulsory after the death of Andrey Kivilev in 2003.

How do you have to be to wear helmets?

Wearing helmets is the best thing to do when riding a motorcycle. One important reason why wearing a helmet is a must. The first reason is for protection. Helmets is a part of a motorcycle gear that riders should not neglect to wear.

When did baseball players start wearing helmets?

Baseball helmets became popular in the 1950s although wearing a helmet at bat was not made a mandatory rule until 1971.

When did the Green Bay Packers start wearing helmets with masks?


How many kids die a year from not wearing their helment on a bycicle?

about 2,702 kids die a year from not wearing helmets

Why are students wearing viking helmets at duke game?

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What team does Andy Dalton play for in the NFL?

The Cincinnati Bengals. He was picked in round 2. The link has a lot more information. If anyone is seeing him wearing purple its because he played college football for Texas Christian University. (TCU)

Which red sox player is responsible for all MLB players wearing helmets?

billy conigliaro

Does player two get to choose who he or she can play in halo odst?

No.It's only the people wearing helmets

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