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NHL Hockey was founded November 22, 1917 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Q: In what year did the NHL hockey start?
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In what year did NHL hockey start?

nhl hockey started in the 1800's

When did hockey start in the NHL?

Hockey started in 1926 in the NHL.

What year did the NHL start?

It started In 1917 but they had the same hockey team but with a dIfferent name

When did the playoffs start in hockey?

When the NHL started.

What year did the blues start playing hockey?

The St.Louis Blues started playing in the NHL in 1967.

Why did the NHL start?

hockey had finally became popullar

When did the national hockey league start?

The nhl started 1916

What are the top 5 NHL hockey goals of the year?


What year was Toronto made an NHL Hockey Team?


When did NHL Hockey happen?

NHL Hockey happened in 1991.

How much does a hockey coach make?

About 500,000 dollars a year in the NHL!!

Does hockey have a rookie of the year award?

the calder trophy is given to the rookie of the year in the nhl

In what year did Inglasco Corp start making the NHL hockey pucks?

According to their website,the InGlasco Corp was established in 1976 in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

Which year was Florida made an NHL Hockey team?

The Panthers first season in the NHL was the 1993-94 season.

Where and when did the NHL start?

The National Hockey League was formed in 1917 in Montreal, it derived from the National Hockey Association which was founded in 1909

How does the game of floor hockey start?

same way as real hockey. if you have a ref he drops it at centre or if you don't do "nhl" on centre

What year did professional NHL hockey players first participate in olympic hockey 1998 1994 or 2002?


How many years has Dion phaneuf played hockey for?

this is his 7th year in the nhl

When does nhl ice hockey season finish?

Early to mid April....then playoffs start

Are there currently any female hockey players in NHL?

No, there is no female hockey players in the NHL

What size hockey net should be used by a 10 year old?

NHL size. NHL size 7 and up

What does NHL stand for?

National Hockey League (NHL)

Was there an NHL hockey player with initials NHL?


What is the record for most goals scored in NHL hockey?

243 goals scored in NHL hockey

What is a NHL jerseys?

nhl jersey is as same as hockey jersey.Nhl means National Hockey League.