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It started in 1889 or 1892

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Q: What year did Team Canada start play hockey hockey?
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zero Ottawa senators played on the mens 2010 hockey team for Canada

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Yes, in Canada there is a womens hockey team that won a game then celebrated by smoking cigars on the ice!

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play hockey. goto college. make the team. do your best. play for team

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The NHL team - the Chicago Blackhawks - do play hockey in Chicago at the United Center, and also play in 29 other cities located throughout the US and Canada.

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How many people comprise a hockey team what position do they play

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Manon Rheaume started to play hockey at the age of 5 when she played on a team her father coached.During the 1970's she sterted to play.

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Foster Hewitt was a radio broadcaster from Canada. He is famous for his play by play broadcast for the national hockey league of Canada known as Hockey Night in Canada.

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11 team participate in hockey world cup

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The Boston Bruins. He also played for Canada in the World Cup of Hockey in 2004.

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that is when canadians play hockey

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The hockey team was a high school hockey team called the all-stars

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In Canada

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play ice hockey