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1984 he became an NBA player for Illonois.

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Q: When did Michael Jordan become a basketball player?
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When did Michael Jordan become a professanol basketball player?


What was Michael Jordan goals?

to become a basketball player and be great at it

Why did Michael Jordan become popular?

he was an awesome basketball player

How did michael jordan become a professional basketball player?

he is a beast thats y!

What lesson did Michael Jordan learn in his college?

he learend how to get his degree and become a basketball player

Is Michael Jordanm a famous basketball player?

MICHAEL JORDAN was, and still is, the BEST basketball player in the humankind!

Michael Jordan career?

Michael Jordan was a professional basketball player in the NBA for the Chicago Bulls. He is considered the greatest basketball player of all time.

Who was michal Jordan?

MICHAEL Jordan is a famous basketball player.

Why was Michael Jordan so successful?

because michael jordan is the best basketball player

Who is the basketball player in the world?

Michael Jordan

What is the best basketball player?

Michael Jordan

Was Michael Jordan a perfessional baseball player?

No he is a basketball player

Why did Michael Jordan want to become a basketball player?

Because he was inspired by Sam Asbury because he was so great

Is Michael Estrada the best basketball player alive?

How about Michael Jordan

A black man named Michael?

the basketball player Michael Jordan.

What did Michael Jordan do that was significant?

He was a very good basketball player. A VERY good basketball player.

What is Michael Jordan's occupation?

Michael Jordan's occupation was a professional basketball player. He is most famous for playing on the Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan is considered one of the best basketball players of all time.

Who is the greatest basketball player in history?

Michael jordan

Greatest basketball player ever?

Michael Jordan

Was Michael Jordan the best basketball player?

No doubt in that.........

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Michael Jordan.

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Michael Jordan

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basketball player

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Michael Jordan

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Michael Jordan