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Michael Jordan is a famous Basketball player.

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Q: Who was michal Jordan?
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What NHL team does Michal Jordan play for?

Michal Jordan plays for the Carolina Hurricanes.

What position does Michal Jordan play?

Michal Jordan plays defense for the Carolina Hurricanes.

What is Michal Jordan's number on the Carolina Hurricanes?

Michal Jordan is number 47 on the Carolina Hurricanes.

Does Michal Jordan shoot right or left?

NHL player Michal Jordan shoots left.

Why Michal Jordan's nickname is Air Jordan?

because he jump so high

Is michal Jordan a Muslim?


Is michal r kelly Jordan dead?


What university did michal Jordan attend?


When did Michal Jordan start in the MBA?


Is michal jordans name Jordan Micheal?


How did michal Jordan die were did he die a?

Michael Jordan never died he's still alive.

How tall is michal Jordan?

Air Jordan is 6'6 ft. By the way this is the correct awenser

How meany slam dunk contests has Michal Jordan win?


Who won the most season MVP titles in the NBA?

Michal Jordan

What did michal Jordan do when dunking the basketball?

He used to stick his tongue out when dunking.

Why is michal Jordan never in any NBA video games?

he is retired

What team was Michal Jordan on in basketball?

Micheal Jordon was drafted by and was with the Chicago Bulls.

How old is michal Jordan this year in 2009?

Michael Jeffery Jordan is 46 Years old

When was Michal Jordan born?

Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn, New York, on February 17, 1963

Did lebron James win against michal jorden?

No, Lebron did not come into the until after Jordan retired.

What was the most points made in 1 game by michal Jordan?

69 Points against the Cavs in 1990

Best shooter in NBA history?

Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Michal Jordan are the best shooters in NBA history!

What year did michal Jordan judge the slam dunk contest?

2007 in Vegas. The year Gerald Green won over Nate Robinson.

What was Michal Jordan's jersey number?

MJ's jersey number was always 23 even when he played for the wizards he kept his number until he retired with the bulls

You were born in Italy in 1564 who are you?

A. Michal Jordan B. Galileo C. Johnny Depp D. Johnny Noxville Ya I think you know wich on D.