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Q: When did Michael Jordan become a professanol basketball player?
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When did Michael Jordan first become interested in basketball?

Michael Jordan just gangsta man he gangsta

What was Michael Jordan goals?

to become a basketball player and be great at it

Why did Michael Jordan become popular?

he was an awesome basketball player

How did lebron James become interested in basketball?

He inspired by michael jordan

How did michael jordan become a professional basketball player?

he is a beast thats y!

How did Michael Jordan become so good at basketball?

he practices but that he did work in school

How Michael Jordan become involved in the sport?

By watching basketball,then he got involved.

When did Michael Jordan become a basketball player?

1984 he became an NBA player for Illonois.

What lesson did Michael Jordan learn in his college?

he learend how to get his degree and become a basketball player

When did Michael Jordan become famous?

Michael Jordan became famous when he began playing professional basketball. He is still regarded as one of the best to have ever played the game.

Why did Michael Jordan want to become a basketball player?

Because he was inspired by Sam Asbury because he was so great

How how did Michael Jordan become a legend?

He became the worlds best basketball player and then retired.

How did Michael Jordan become a star?

a famous basketball player but im not sure what team you might want to ask somebody else for the team but he is surely famous for basketball

Who did Michael Jordan become after he retired?

he became an air jordan shoemaker

Is LeBron James a good basketball player?

OH YES. He is certaintly an outstanding player and is the best player in the NBA right now. And he will become the second Michael Jordan! Kevin Garnett,Kobe Bryant,and Dwayne Wade WILL NOT become the second Michael Jordan. Those three players will NEVER be as good as Lebron James.

Is Larry Bird Michael Jordan's brother?

NO His brother is Larry Jordan, who is older than Michael Jordan. Larry inspired Michael to become the great star he is. Larry Bird and Michael Jordan are not related to each other or Joe Pepitone.

How did Michael Jordan become an unterpernuere?

he died

When did Michael Jordan become popular?


When did Michael Jordan become a guest on the show sesame street?

He didn't. Michael Jordan's never been on Sesame Street.

How do you become the best basketball player ever?

To become the best you have to play like the best,belive your the best, and practice like the best also never give up Michael Jordan never gave up

How did Michael Jordan become famuse?

he got herpes

When did Michael Jordan become owner of the Bobcats?

in 1987

What is Michael Jordan most famous for?

Playing professional basketball and winning 6 championships in the 90's with the Chicago Bulls is really hard to do to do that you must be a perfectional to beat them don't you think i love Michael Jordan and i want him to know that i am always going to be his fan i am doing a project about you in school ((((What are you famous for, major life achievements , why did you become a basketball player , and intersting facts about you bye Michael Jordan i hope i can meet you one day bye bye.....:)

What team did Michael Jordan become most famous playing on?

Michael Jordan last played for the Washingron Wizards but, he is currently a manager of the NY Knicks

How did Michael Jordan become famous?

i don't know? do u?