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HBP by first base...

Another answer: HBP (Hit By Pitch) would only apply to a pitched ball, not a batted ball.

If a batted ball hits the batter while the ball is in foul territory, it is simply a foul ball. If a batted ball hits the batter while the ball is in fair territory, it would be scored as an out by interference with the catcher being credited with the putout.

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Q: What would the scorebook of a batted ball hitting the batter be?
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What is the official scoring for the batter if he is hit in fair territory by his own batted ball?

That batter would be called out. If the ball goes directly from his bat to hitting the batter when they are not in the batters box, the batter is out. If a defensive player deflects the ball before it touches the batter then play continues as normal.

How do you mark an out in the scorebook if the batter is hit with the ball out of the batters box?

It is an unassisted putout given credit to the nearest fielder and the hitter is given a single when a batted ball in play hits a runner -- in this instance since the batter is the runner hit he would not get a single and since it is just out of the batters box it would just be recorded as G-2 -- or Ground-out to Catcher, whichever is your shortcut of choice for marking that

If a batter after hitting a ball to the outfield attempts to reach 2nd base but is tagged out at 2nd how is this scored?

If the official scorer ruled the batted ball a base hit, it would be scored as a single. If the official scorer ruled the batted ball an error, it would be ruled a one base error.

When a batter is hitting foul after foul after foul. Is the batter doing this on purpose to work the pitcher?

A Baseball player hitting foul after foul is done more so to stay alive (not strike out) then to work the pitcher ... You have to keep in mind that the batter him self is using up energy to hit the ball foul ... The batter would rather get a hit then repetitively hitting the ball foul ...

If the a line drive strikes the pitchers rubber and the catcher catches it is he out?

No he is not out. Hitting the rubber is like hitting the ground. He would have to throw out the batter, runner at first base.

Can a baserunner collide with fielder catching a batted ball?

no, it would be batter's interference

If a batter hits the ball but the ball hits a batter on his way to first base is he out?

Yes, the batter would be out for interference if he's touched by the batted ball in fair territory.

After hitting a fly ball the batter assuming it will be caught for an out jogs toward and almost to the dugout the outfielder drops the ball and the batter runs to first Is he safe?

if the ball doesnt get to the first baseman before the batter does than yes, the batter would be safe and then benched(hence jimmy rollins)

If a batted baseball sticks in the vines at Wrigley Field how many bases does the batter get?

It would be ruled a double...I assume.

Is a runner out in softball if she gets hit by a batted ball?

yes because the batter would have been interfering the play.

Is a caught ball a hit even if the runner gets on base?

If a batted ball is caught in the air, the batter is out and would not be on base. It would not be a "hit."

A batter had 450 times at bat with 126 hits what is his batting average and during last game he had four at bats and three hits how much did this change the average?

The batter's average would be 280, and after hitting 3 of 4 would increase his average to 284.

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