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Baseball was always called baseball, although stickball was a street game

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Q: What was baseball called before baseball or rounders?
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What game did they have before baseball was invented?


Why was baseball called rounders?

It wasn't. Rounders is a differant game similar to Baseball but with a differant set of rules. There is debate as to how much Rounders influenced the creation of Baseball.

What baseball used to be called in England?


What is the english forerunner of baseball?

The forerunner of baseball is a game called Rounders

What was baseball called in England?

A similar game was played called Rounders.

Is baseball a British game?

Baseball originated from a British game called rounders.

What is baseball called in England?

Baseball is still baseball in England - there are many significant differences between baseball and rounders, for example, runs (known themselves as rounders) are only scored in rounders when a single player runs around all four bases. There are two separate Rounders associations in the British Isles, that which exists in England is called the National Rounders Association (NRA), and that which exists in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA).

When did baseball come?

It was a clever combination of 2 british sports called Cricket and Rounders.

What is England's version of baseball?

The closest equivalent is a bat and ball game called Rounders.

Why are baseball and rounders diffrerent?

because in rounders you can peg the runner and get them out not unlike kickball

What was baseball called before baseball?

The game is based off of a British game called Rounders. They both were created in the mid 1800's. It was also called Town Ball. Base-Ball ( hyphenated ) was a common spelling during the Civil War.

What is the English equivalent of baseball?


What did the British call baseball?

We call baseball rounders.

How can a batter in rounders get out?

In rounders (a similar ball game to baseball) the ways a batter may 'get out'are 1) a direct catch. 2) if base is tagged before reaching it. 3) for not dropping the bat before running to base.

What was the first game played by English colonist?

I know that Rounders was a game that was played in England before colonists came to America so I think this might be your answer. Rounders is kind of like baseball.

What did sport baseball evolve from?

"rounders" an English sport

What American sport is a mixture of rounders and cricket?


Who made baseball popular?

Baseball was invented in America in 1845. But even before that, as early as the 1600s, people in England played a similar game called rounders. The players on the other team tried to tag the runner by throwing the ball at him and hitting him with it.

Is soccer more famous than baseball?

Well in England and the whole of Europe it definitely is as we don't have any famous baseball teams. Although we do have a variation of baseball called 'Rounders'.

Where did baseball come from?

Baseball came from the old English games of cricket and rounders.

What happens if a batter drops the bat in rounders?

I'm not sure if you mean "baseball" when you say "rounders," but if you are, nothing happens if the batter drops the bat in baseball.

What country did baseball come from?

British games such as cricket and rounders influenced the American game of baseball. The game started before the Civil War.

How is rounders and baseball the same?

they are not the same because of the batting in baseball they ball in a different type of style and in rounders they ball in a different type of style and the bat u need to hold the bat with two hands when u are playing baseball and when your playing rounders u hold the bat with 1 hand

What started baseball?

It was a game called rounders until it changed over time. It started out in it's first league in the late 1800's.

What is the layout of a rounders field?

basically the same as a baseball and softball field