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It evolved from a British game of rounders

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Q: How did baseball become Americas past time?
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What is baseball a symbol of?

Americas past time

What is the importance of baseball on American culture?

it is Americas past time

Is baseball a great sport?

yes it is Americas past time

What was the largest point spread in baseball history?

its Americas past time

What kind of sports were played in 1910?

Baseball also known as Americas Past time was big then.

What is the national sport in united states?

America's past time is baseball but Football has become much more popular

What is the oldest most popular sport in the US? is America's past time is America's past time

Why baseball created?

to past the time and to play

What is US national past time?


What is an American past-time?

There are many American past-times, most of which include sports. There are many debates over if baseball or football is the best, but baseball has been called "The Great American Past-Time" for many years.

Why is baseball known as America's national past time?

its awsome

What is national hobby of the United States?

The "national past time" of the United States is baseball. However, in recent years, football has also become a huge sport in the United States.

Which sport is considetred America 's favorite past time?


What sport became America's past time was organized in 1876?


How do you use the word 'become' as Past participle?

Become is an irregular verb in English. So... The normal form is, of course, "become" The past form is "became" (I became sad over time) The present participle is "becoming" (I am becoming happy again) The past participle is actually "become" (I did become quite merry last night)

When was Once Upon a Time... The Americas created?

Once Upon a Time... The Americas was created in 1991.

What is the duration of Once Upon a Time... The Americas?

The duration of Once Upon a Time... The Americas is 1560.0 seconds.

Why is baseball known as America's past time?

Use to dominate ratings until the 80's.

What is the best sport of all time?

Well if by best you mean best past time it would be baseball if not then in my opinion I would say football

When did Hispanics become a significant minority?

The answer depends on the country in question. They have had an impact on the Americas since the time of Columbus. Their impact has become significant in many countries at many different times over the last several centuries.

Is the word past time 1 word or 2 words?

There are 2 separate terms.The words "past time" mean a later time, or overdue (it's past time for that).The noun "pastime" is a hobby, sport, or avocation, ranging from baseball to coin collecting.

Where was baseball diffused to?

so people believe that canandians made up baseball, but America calls it their "past time" so nobody really know... GO TIGERS!!

What do you call the time before europeans arrived in the Americas?

Some people refer to the time before Europeans arrived in the Americas as Pre-Colonial days. The Europeans went through a period of Renaissance before the Colonists first came to the Americas.

Why baseball is so popular?

baseball is so popular because it is considered one of America's past-time, also while in ww2 some of the baseball teams had women play baseball while all the men were over-seas fighting

How did Baseball effect America's history?

Baseball affected America's history because it provided a past time for citizens. They could engage in the game itself or enjoy the game on television.

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