Is baseball a British game

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Baseball originated from a British game called rounders.

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Q: Is baseball a British game
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What country did baseball come from?

British games such as cricket and rounders influenced the American game of baseball. The game started before the Civil War.

What soft cap with the full brim is typical head wear for players of this British bat-and-ball game?

The person who answered before said 'baseball cap' but baseball is not a British game. It is a Cricket Cap. Cricket is a game played in the UK.

What English game is considered to be the first cousin of baseball?

You are probably referring to the British game of Cricket or the older game of Rounders.

How did baseball become Americas past time?

It evolved from a British game of rounders

How were the rules made for baseball?

The official rules of baseball are made and updated by Major League Baseball and published on their website. The game came from the British game of Rounders and then transformed into Knickerbocker in 1872. The rules were constantly changed until 1901 when modern day baseball began.

American baseball is a combination of what two English sports?

American baseball contains elements of two British sports. One of these is cricket, which, like baseball, uses a bat to hit a ball. The other game is Rounders, which is a game dating back at least to the 16th century.

What is the crowd in mudville watching?

A baseball game.

When was British Baseball Hall of Fame created?

British Baseball Hall of Fame was created in 2009.

What was baseball like in the late 1800's?

baseball started out in the 1800's with an old british game called town ball. children generally played it then adults got involved with it. Alexander cartwright invented the first major baseball field. his team was the knickerbocers. the first game baseball game was June 19, 1846. the greatest baseball players exist back then better then the players now days!

What did the British call baseball?

We call baseball rounders.

What was baseball called before baseball?

The game is based off of a British game called Rounders. They both were created in the mid 1800's. It was also called Town Ball. Base-Ball ( hyphenated ) was a common spelling during the Civil War.

Why do you need to use a baseball in a baseball game?

Because the game is called "Baseball"

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