What takes out what in chess?

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its very simple, as long as your piece can "legally" take your oponents, it can take it. eg a pawn can take a queen, a pawn is the least desired piece and a queen is the most valuable.

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Q: What takes out what in chess?
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What is the least amount of moves it takes to checkmate in chess?

It takes a minimum of two moves to check mate in chess. 1. g4 e5 2. f4 Qh4#

When are you allowed to touch your opponents piece in chess?

You are allowed to touch one of your opponent's pieces in chess when your piece takes one.

What does x in Qxh7 mean in chess?

X means takes, so that weans that the queen takes or captures whatever piece is on h7

What takes longer chest or cheakers?

They can both be played in about the same amount of time, but Chess usually takes a bit longer than Checkers.

What activity takes place as part of the Lupercal?

They played a really intense game of chinese chess

How does one learn to play chess like a professional?

Chess is a game that takes a lot of practice to become good at. Many people do play chess as professionals though and their skills come with time. The "Wonder How To" site offers some very good information regarding how to play chess like a professional.

Does a pawn in chess move forward ior side ways to take?

Niether. It takes by moving diagonally.

What game takes its name from the Persian word for monarch?

The word "chess " derives from the Persian word shah, or king.

In how much time computer play a step in chess?

The amount of time a computer takes to move depends on what computer it is.

What is the plural of chess?

The word 'chess' is a singular, uncountable noun. Units of chess are expressed as games of chess tournaments of chess.

What is the plural term for the game of chess?

Chess matches; chess boards; versions of chess.

Where can one find information about chess game rules?

Chess game rules can be found on Wikipedia, Chess Rules and Basics, Chess Variants, Chess For Kids, Rules for Chess, How To Play and Chess Guidelines.

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