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In the 2003/04 season, Arsenal Football Club played all 38 league matches without losing once.

Arsenal also have the all-time record of playing 49 F.A. Premier league matches unbeaten. This went over three seasons. 2002/03, 2003/2004 and 2004/2005.

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Q: What premier league football team had a whole season without losing a game?
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In 1995 which football club won the league?

In the season 1994-1995, Blackburn Rovers won the premier league. That title win was their first despite losing their final game of season to Liverpool Football Club by 1-2.

What year did sheffield Wednesday get relegated from the premier league?

that was in 2000 after losing 1-0 to Arsenal at Highbury

How many English football league teams not lost a game all season?

There are only two teams in English Football league system to have gone an entire season unbeaten. Preston North End F.C won the inaugural season of Football League in 1888-89 season without losing a single game. Arsenal F.C is the only team in English Premier League to have gone an entire season unbeaten in 2003-04 season. Both teams earned nickname 'The Invincibles' for this feat.

Which is the highest prize money paying sport?

The winning team in the annual play-off final in the Football League Championship in England are promoted to the Premier League. Deloitte estimated in 2007 that, as a result of promotion, the winning team are £60,000,000 better off than the losing team.

How does the points work in premier league?

3 points for win, 1 point for both teams for a draw, and no points for losing.

Has any professional football team been relegated in the English football leagues without losing a game.?

Yes Everton won the title without losing! that wasnt the question....dumb scousers

When did arsenal win the league without losing a match?


What player has scored more than 50 premier league goals and never been on a losing team when scoring?

Darius Vassell

Who was the English football team that has the longest losing streak in the football league?

bradley connery west coast football club whitehaven he is a awsum footballer he is also gay

What is a sweep in football?

To beat a team multiple times in one season without losing to them.

How many clubs have won UFEA champion league without losing a single game that season?

Ajax 1995

Most consecutive home losses in Canadian Football League?

The most consecutive home losses suffered by a team in the Canadian Football League was 14. The now defunct Ottawa Rough Riders had this dubious honour. Their losing streak stretched from July 19, 1987, to October 22, 1988.

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