What muscle is jogging good for?

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Legs, thighs, butt, arms

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Q: What muscle is jogging good for?
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How long does it take to build muscle from walking?

It takes quite a while to build muscle from walking, but it takes only a short time to build good strong leg muscle from jogging or running.

Do muscle work in jogging?

Yes, they even work when you are walking.

If you jog 8 miles a week how much muscle will you gain?

Jogging will tone your legs and other parts of your body and will help you burn fat, but is not a good exercisefor adding muscle mass.

Is jogging or squats better to tone legs?

I think SQAUTS give a Better Grip of Your Thigh Muscle and Makes U feel More Better. Jogging gives u a better Overall Muscle Movement rather than particular Focus on Thigh Muscle .

Does running or jogging make your theighs bigger?

it usually makes them leaner. weight lifting builds muscle. running or jogging is an endurance exercise or cardio.

What are some good exersices?


Why is jogging good for your heart?

Jogging is good for your heart because it strengthens the cardiovascular system. Jogging also allows for a slower resting pulse. Jogging reduces your chance of a heart attack that results in a high percentage of early death.

Does jogging build muscle?

yes it builds alot of muscle especially in your lower section. it depends on how much you run and how fast you run.

Which type of muscle fiber do you depend on for jogging?

A combination of both depending on duration and intensity.

How do you loose arm fat without gaining muscle?

Cardio,speed walking,jogging

Does a tridmil work as good as jogging?

Well, if you're jogging on the treadmill I don't see a different, other than maybe the impact on your knees. If you walk on the treadmill its not as good as jogging, but that is simply because its walking vs. jogging, not treadmill vs. another environment.

Does jogging helps to increase height?

As long as you are still growing, exercise like jogging and good nutrition sure will contribute to height and good health..

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