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The force that is produced while swinging the bat and the throwing of the ball.

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Q: What makes the baseball bat crack when it hits the ball?
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What force causes a baseball bat to break when it hits a thrown baseball?

Usually because the ball hits in what you could call the weakest part of the bat. If the ball hits directly on a grain, or a weak part of a poorly made bat. the bat will crack. Also, the ball can break the bat at the handle, where the bat is thinnest, due to the massive amount of force the ball is traveling with as it comes in contact with the bat.

Can you hear a click when a batter hits the ball?

Yes. It also sounds like a crack.

How fast does the football go when the kicker hits it?

It depends on the player and how hard they can strike the ball, some can really crack the ball.

Is the line in or out in baseball?

If the ball hits the line it's a FAIR BALL

If you swing and ball hits you is the ball live or dead?

If you swing and miss and the ball hits you, it is a strike and a live ball. If you swing and the bat makes contact with the ball and the ball hits you while you're in the batter's box, it is a foul ball and a dead ball.

What do you call the guy who hits the ball with the baseball bat in baseball?

The hitter...

What happens when the ball hits a base in baseball?


What is the name of the player who hits the ball in baseball?

That would be the batter.

What causes a sting sensation when you hit the baseball?

The balL hits it

In kids' pitch is it a dead ball if it hits the ground before it hits the batter?

In regular baseball rules, the ball is still live, even if it hits the ground first, until it hits the batter, then it becomes a "dead ball". If it never hits the batter, its still a live ball.

Little league ball is hit and bounces back toward batter it hits batters helmet and goes out of bounds Is the batter out?

If the baseball hit the ground in foul territory, the ball is a foul ball. If the baseball hit the ground in fair territory, and the batter/runner is still in the batter's box when the baseball hits him, it is a foul ball. If the baseball hit the ground in fair territory and the batter/runner is out of the batter's box when the baseball hits him, the batter/runner is out and the ball is dead.

A hit that enables the batter to safely reach third base?

In baseball or softball, when a batters hits the ball and makes it safely to third base it is called a triple.

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