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Acording to the calculations of my recordings a Basketball bounes better in conrete that any other type of surfaces.

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Q: What kind of surface does a basketball bounce best?
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What kind of energy is there when you bounce a basketball?

Kinetic energy

What kind of surface is basketball played on?

a flat surface.

What kind of basketball best for outdoor basketball court?

an orange one

How do you bounce the ball on the hardwood floor?

It depends on the ball. If its a basketball then it'll be easy because its just like bouncing a basketball in your school gym. If its any other kind of ball then it'll be no different then bouncing a basketball. $Mariah$S$Miettinen$

What kind of mouthpiece is the best for basketball?

Mouthguards or gum shields

What kind of a surface is the best reflector of sound?

The best reflector for sound will be massive, rigid, and with a smooth surface.

What kind of superstar was Michael Jordan?


What kind of tennis ball bounces the highest?

Tennis balls that are kept at about 70 degrees and a low humidity will bounce higher on a given surface than balls kept at extremes of either environmental measure. Tennis balls used at professional tennis events are designed for the venue's specific surface, such that, for the most part, all will bounce equally high on their corresponding surface. Given that, a ball designed for a grass or clay court, will probably bounce higher on a hard court than a ball designed for a hard count.

Do Bouncing Bombs really bounce?

Not bounce in the sense that a ball bounces- they were designed for use over water, where they 'skipped' across the surface just as happens when you skim a stone across a pond. The speed and motion in which they were travelling meant that they were able to use the surface tension of the water as a kind of springboard, moving too fast for their weight to make them sink.

What kind of basketball is the best to use for a science fair project?

I would say the best basketball you should get is a not a very hard one kind of like a easy one that would flatten because if your doing a science project on the brain or stomach or an intestine that would be perfect.

Does it matter what kind of shoes you wear in basketball?

The kind of shoes you should wear for basketball are basketball shoes.

What kind kind of sizes are there for a basketball?

Official NBA basketball size is 29.5 Offical WNBA basketball size is 28.5

When you bounce a ball what kind of energy do you have?


What kind of bees bounce?

boucing bees

What is the best estimate of a basketball?

depends on wat kind of ball you want usually somewhere around 20 dollars

If you drop a ball on the floor why does it bounce back up?

because it has some kind of stuff in it to make it bounce back up

What kind of noun is basketball?

The word basketball is a singular, common noun.

How high can a basketball bounce?

If we knew from what height the ball, when dropped, would reach its terminal velocity, and if we knew the percentage of rebound the ball would give, we could then be certain. I can only guess that a basketball will rebound approximately 75% of the height from which it is dropped, and if the height at which it would reach terminal velocity is maybe 300 feet, the ball would bounce back up to 225 feet. Just a guess! A basketball has an elasticity (or "bounciness") of about 56 percent.I'm not sure there's a theoretical limit. In practice, of course, there would be one: when the velocity of the ball impacting the ground is so great the ball explodes rather than bouncing. But you'd have to fire it out of some kind of basketball cannon to get it moving that fast.The official standard for ball inflation is that the ball should bounce roughly 75% of its drop height (specifically, between 49" and 54") when dropped from 6 feet. If you're referring to just the height a dropped ball could bounce and you're not throwing it down with some kind of basketball-downward-hurling machine, you could calculate the theoretical bounce height by figuring out what terminal velocity is for a basketball, calculating how high you'd have to drop it from (assuming no atmosphere) to achieve that velocity, and then multiplying by 0.75. I'm not going to do it for you, because I'm not actually all that interested in the answer, but that's how you could do it if you are.

What kind of topology is susceptible to signal bounce?


What is the best kind of trampoline fo bouncing and flipping?

I'd say that the best kind of trampoline would be a large round one or rectangular one. Those ones have lots of space and the more space the more room the tramp can go down to bounce high and do tricks.

What kind of basketball do they use in college basketball?

A Regular 1.................

What is the best adhesive to bond pebble with removeable surface?

This needs more information. We don't know what kind of 'removable surface', and if you still want it to be removable.

What kind of surface is the best radiator of heat?

rough texture and dark color

Do Go Go crazy bones bounce?

kind of but not really

What kind of trampoline will last the longest?

One that you can bounce on! :D ~