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an orange one

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2011-01-20 08:05:00
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Q: What kind of basketball best for outdoor basketball court?
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What kind of sport is basketball is it an indoor or outdoor or both?

It is Both

What kind of sports are there in an outdoor sports?

in outdoor sport like football ,volley ball ,basketball ,cricket etc are outdoor sport. because the are played outside.

What kind of wood is a basketball court made of?


What kind of wood is used for a basketball court?

Hard maple

What kind of sports are there in an outdoor sport complex?

Usually there are football/soccer fields and/or baseball fields at a complex. At times there are outdoor basketball courts too.

How high is the required clear space on a basketball court?

The minimum required clear space on a basketball court depends on which kind of court it is. An NCAA court has a minimum of 25', while a recreational facility's minimum is 20'.

What facilities are needed for basketball?

A basketball court is needed for basketball. For makeshift play, you need a large, flat space with an elevated hoop of some kind.

What is the best kind of power source for outdoor lighting?

A generator is the best kind of power source for outdoor lighting because it works regardless if the electricity does or not. It's also very portable, and cost-efficient.

What kind of mouthpiece is the best for basketball?

Mouthguards or gum shields

Is it safe to put goldfish in my outdoor pond?

Some goldfish may be safely moved to your outdoor pond. It is best to check and see if the kind of goldfish you have are suited for outdoor living.

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What kind of chair is best for outdoor dining?

Aluminum chairs are best for outdoor dining because they are rust-resistant, durable, and easy to take care of. They come in contemporary or modern styles and many color choices.

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