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a flat surface.

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Q: What kind of surface is basketball played on?
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What Surface Is Basketball Most Frequently Played On?


What kind of surface is the Wimbledon played on?

Wimbledon is played on a grass surface.

What kind of basketball played?

street and formal

What kind of famous basketball players played in the Olympics?

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What kind of sports were played in the Harlem Renaissance?


What kind of sports are played in Venezulea?

Soccer and Basketball.

What kind of surface is the U.S. Open played on?

hard surface

What is the surface called that is being played in basketball semi-finals?

the final floor

What kind of surface does a basketball bounce best?

Acording to the calculations of my recordings a basketball bounes better in conrete that any other type of surfaces.

What type of surface is volleyball played on?

Either in a sand pit or on like a basketball court

What is the playing surface called where the college basketball semi-finals are played?

the final floor

What kind of sports are played in Spain?


What is the best surface to play basketball on?

a basketball court

Is a basketball court a good surface for a basketball?


Will a basketball bounce higher on a flat surface or a rocky surface?

the basketball will most likely bounce higher on a flat surface

What surface can a basketball be dribbled the most on?

a flat surface

What are materials in playing basketball?

basketball, hard surface, net

Who were all Tall black basketball players that played for lakers and 76ers?

what kind of question is that?

What kind of impact has LeBron James put on the world?

he played basketball really well

What kind of surfaces can boxing be played on?

well it has to be square flat surface

Does a basketball roll faster on a smooth surface or a rough surface?

on a smooth surface

Does it matter what kind of shoes you wear in basketball?

The kind of shoes you should wear for basketball are basketball shoes.

What is the surface area of a women's basketball?

The surface area of a women's basketball is approximately 0.17 meters square. The professional women's basketball has a circumference of 28.5 inches.

Does a basketball have a lot of surface to volume ratio?

No. A sphere has the smallest surface to volume ratio possible and a basketball is nearly spherical in shape (it has surface dimpling and seams).

Were and when was basketball first played?

Basketball was first played in NewYork.

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