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Mouthguards or gum shields

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Q: What kind of mouthpiece is the best for basketball?
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How do you wash a mouthpiece?

What kind of mouthpiece?

Is wearing a mouthpiece mandatory in high school basketball?

No. It definitely is not

What kind of basketball best for outdoor basketball court?

an orange one

What is the best trumpet mouthpiece for high notes?

There is no best. A mouthpiece must properly fit your mouth, however, as a general rule, using a shallow mouthpiece makes it easier to play higher.

What kind of metal is a trumpet mouthpiece made out of?


What kind of superstar was Michael Jordan?


What should you do when your mouthpiece is stuck on your trumpet without spending money?

The best way to remove a mouthpiece is with a mouthpiece puller. Most music stores will have a puller, and some will even pull mouthpieces for free. You will get a lot of other suggestions on how to pull the mouthpiece. The problem is, if you use pliers or other inappropriate tools, even with padding of some kind, you can damage the trumpet. The only relatively safe way to try it yourself is to hold the trumpet's mouthpiece tube (ahead of the mouthpiece) under the hot water tap for a couple of minutes. While doing this, hold a package of frozen vegetables, or the like, around the mouthpiece. The idea is to get the mouthpiece as cold as possible, and the pipe as warm as possible. Then, using a hot pad, try to extract the mouthpiece. This may or may not work (it does most of the time) but if it doesn't, it causes no harm to the trumpet.

What is the best trumpet mouthpiece?

Any Bach mouthpiece. I have been playing with them for years and they have never let me down. Trumpets do not have a built in mouthpiece because not all mouthpieces work as well as others for different people. There are many very good mouthpieces. The best mouthpiece is the one that fits your mouth the best. IE: If you have thin lips, a deep/wide mouthpiece probably won't work well for you. If you have thick lips, a shallow/thin mouthpiece probably won't work well for you. Bach, Schilke, Monette, and several other companies make very good mouthpieces.

What size mouthpiece for a French horn?

There is no right or wrong size to play on. The smaller the number the bigger the mouthpiece, the bigger the sound, though some people can get a great sound on a small mouthpiece. To find the right mouthpiece for you, you really just need to try. A LOT. See what SOUNDS best, not feels best. You'll get used to the way it feels.

What rhymes with mouthpiece?

Southeast kind of rhymes. Is it for a rap song?

What kind of surface does a basketball bounce best?

Acording to the calculations of my recordings a basketball bounes better in conrete that any other type of surfaces.

What kind of basketball is the best to use for a science fair project?

I would say the best basketball you should get is a not a very hard one kind of like a easy one that would flatten because if your doing a science project on the brain or stomach or an intestine that would be perfect.

How do you adapt a trumpet mouthpiece to a cornet?

You would have to make some kind of adapter that would allow the larger trumpet mouthpiece fit into the smaller cornet leadpipe. I don't think anyone does that. It's easier, and more correct, just to buy a cornet mouthpiece since a cornet mouthpiece is designed specifically to fit a cornet.

What kind of trumpet does Wynton Marsalis play?

A monette trumpet with a monette mouthpiece

Does it matter what kind of shoes you wear in basketball?

The kind of shoes you should wear for basketball are basketball shoes.

How do you alter the pitch of an instruments?

It depends on the kind of instrument. On brass instruments, you can move the slide that is closest to the mouthpiece. Pull it out to lower the pitch; push it in to raise it. On clarinets and flutes, you can pull out the mouthpiece.

Where is the best place to find a mouthpiece for football?

The best place to find a football mouthpiece would be at a local sporting goods retailer. Local retailers often have a varied assortment of different mouthpieces to address the customer's needs.

What kind of trumpet did Dizzy Gillespie play?

a modified King trumpet with a legedary mouthpiece

What kind kind of sizes are there for a basketball?

Official NBA basketball size is 29.5 Offical WNBA basketball size is 28.5

What is the best estimate of a basketball?

depends on wat kind of ball you want usually somewhere around 20 dollars

How do you get a trumpet mouthpiece off that is stuck?

Wrap masking tape on the trumpet and the mouthpiece were the mouthpiece goes in to the trumpet and twist opposite ways with 2 pliers it is a crude way but it works other wise take it in to a music shop and get them to do it Using pliers is really not a good way to try to remove a stuck mouthpiece. If you put any pressure on the brace, you can break it or cause it to come loose. The best way is to use a mouthpiece puller. Most music stores will have a puller in stock, and some will even pull the mouthpiece for free.

Best mmorpg basketball game?

The best mmorpg basketball game is freestyle street basketball.

Does a plastic mouthpiece expand in boiling water?

DON'T TRY IT. It probably would, but you might accidentally melt it. You don't want to have to buy a new mouthpiece and break in the cork, reed, and ligature and those are kind of expensive.

Is an Allen vizzutti mouthpiece a lead mouthpiece or a regular one?

If you are asking about the Yamaha signiture mouthpiece, then this is a lead mouthpiece, it is very shallow.

What's a good metal mouthpiece for tenor?

The JodyJazz ESP is a 24kt Gold-Plated metal tenor saxophone mouthpiece for Tenor Sax will appeal to the Straight Ahead player looking for the best.