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The minimum required clear space on a Basketball court depends on which kind of court it is. An NCAA court has a minimum of 25', while a recreational facility's minimum is 20'.

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Q: How high is the required clear space on a basketball court?
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Are basketball players allowed in every space in a basketball court?

yes, just not out of bounds..... so the answer is yes if there on the court

How might one setup a backyard basketball court?

To be able to set up a backyard court one must consider the following; the town's rules and regulation on setting up basketball court, the size of the court and the available backyard space, the size of the basketball court you are planning to put up, finances. If all the factors mentioned above are completed one can start the backyard basketball project successfully.

How much space is needed for basketball court?

Better question is can a basketball court be paved with cement, and the answer would be yes some do have cement. If you want to have cement on a basketball court you'll need to know how long the court will be and the wideness to have the right amount. (Don't forget you'll need to level the ground). Once that is finished you can guesstimate how much you will need. Probably really depends on the length and width

How much space is needed outside the basketball court perimeter?

6-Feet between the sideline and the next barrier/court and 10-feet behind the baselines.

How do you play air raid basketball?

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It is approximately a sphere.

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Use newtons first law of motion to explain why a basketball rolls across the court?

an object at rest will stay at rest, an object at motion will stay in motion, there for gravity and interia make a basketball roll across a court just like the planets rotate in space.