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it is when the ball is served from below the waist an overhand serve would be above the waist

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Q: What is the underhand serve in volleyball?
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What is an underhand open palm hit called in volleyball?

Underhand serve

What is a underhand serve in volleyball?

An underhand serve in volleyball is when u hold the wall with your (non writing hand) and then you hit it out of your hand (WITHOUT TOSSING IT) with your (writing) hand.

What are the 3 kinds of serving in volleyball?

there is an Underhand Serve Overhand Serve and Jumpspike Serve

What type of hits are there in volleyball?

underhand serve hit spike jump serve

What are two main ways to serve in volleyball?

underhand and overhand

What are the different serves involved in volleyball?

Underhand serve, Overhand serve, Jump Serve, Floater serve.

When serving can you alternate underhand and overhand when it your turn to serve in volleyball?

of course you can!. . .

What are the types of serves used in volleyball?

underhand, overhand, and jump serve

Why do people serve underhand in volleyball?

It takes less energy and power to underhand serve. Its also easier to guide in a certain direction while serving underhanded. Younger or inexperienced people may underhand serve.

Who do you sever in volleyball?

over hand jumps serve jump floater underhand

What are the two or three kinds of of service in volleyball?

underhand, overhand, and jump serve

What is an underhand serve in volleyball?

The underhand serve is a good serve for beginners to use. It it simply another way of getting the ball over the net. The ball is held in one hand and hit by the heel of the other hand. The underhand serve is generally not as effective as the overhand serve.