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underhand, overhand, and jump serve

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Q: What are the two or three kinds of of service in volleyball?
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How many different kinds of serves are there in a volleyball game?

there are two types of serves

What is sixplayers in volleyball?

The three players in the front row are the Setter and two hitters.

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What are the two types of the volleyball?

indoor volleyball and beach volleyball

What are the two ways to play volleyball?

Beach Volleyball & simple Volleyball..

What are the different kinds of three phase motors?

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How long volleyball?

For 12th grade and under the game lasts how ever long it takes for one team to win best two out of three. To win this they have to get 25 points before the other team and have to win by at least two. In college volleyball and up it is the same except instead of two out of three it's three out of five.

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How is called the service in Volleyball?

The two over arm serves are called the top spin and the flote serve and the under arm serve

In high school a volleyball match consists of the best of how many games?

High school is the best two out of three.

How many members play volleyball?

In beach volleyball there are two players. In indoor volleyball there are six players.

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Materials of volleyball?

a volleyball a net two teams and a umpire and a crowed and a uniform

What two sports use same ball?

Beach volleyball and indoor volleyball

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What are the two types of olympic volleyball games?

Beach volleyball with 2 people and indoor volleyball with a team of 6 on the court.

How many player in a volleyball team?

there are 6 players on the court at a time in volleyball. And there are only two on the court in beach volleyball.

How many officials are in volleyball?


How many people are on a beach volleyball team?

There are two players on a beach volleyball team.

Do you win by 1 or 2 in volleyball?

In volleyball, it is required that you win by at least two points.