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Chelsea will be awarded 16,000,000 pounds for winning the Premiership. The team below them (Manchester United) will be awarded 800,000 less. Going down the table from there, each team is awarded 800,000 less than the team above them, finishing with Portsmouth who were awarded 800,000 only.

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Q: What is the price money Chelsea will get for winning 2009 2010 English premiership?
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How much do the winners of the English League get?

In 2005, Chelsea won ?10,000,000 in prize money for winning the Premiership £12m champions league £11m fa cup 7,5 but clubs usually earn more from their sponsorship contracts

What is the prize money in the English premier league?

Upon winning the English premiership title, the club is awarded in the region of 14-15million pounds.

If you win the AFL premiership how much money do you win?

For winning the 2010 premiership Collingwood received $1million in prize money.

How much money Chelsea earn from winning champions league?

80Million pounds.

How much did Chelsea have in champions league 2012?

I think you mean their prize money. Chelsea made approximately 46m in prize money after winning champions league.

How much did Chelsea make for winning the champions league?

Chelsea made around 47.7 m pounds after winning the Champions League. This included the UEFA prize money and other bonuses.

How much money does an English premiership football player earns a week?

An average wage for a premiership player is £13000 per week

How much money will Chelsea receive for winning champion league in 2012?

1 billion pounds.

How much money do you get for winning the English championship?


Who is better Manchester united or Chelsea?

Manchester United are 100,000 times better than Chelsea, Chelsea have so much money that allows them to compete, teams like Chelsea and city are killed the English game. Cucking FUNT

How much is winning the English bacrays premier league cup worth?

The prize money for winning the Premier League is £17m I believe.

In the English premier league who has spent the most money in the transfer market in the past five years?


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