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An average wage for a premiership player is £13000 per week

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Q: How much money does an English premiership football player earns a week?
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Who is the highest paid player in English Premiership after the exit of C Ronaldo?

I think it is Rio Ferdinand who is the costliest deffender he earns 125,000 pounds a week.

How much does the lowest paid football player in the premiership earn?

It's Alan Tate of Swansea he earns £3000 a week^^Incorrect^^It's Ben Davies of Swansea @ £400 per weekreference:

Who is the football player who have the best salary in the worl?

Lionel Messi of Barcelona who earns about £29.5million

Who is the worlds most expensive football player?

messie he earns about 2 billion a week

Which player earns 200000 pounds a week?

it is Christiano Ronaldo. the football player now member of Real Madrid.

How much does an Indian single football player earns in a month?

100 rs per month

Who earns more football or basketball players?


How much money does an average football player earns?

100000 a week but for emily heskey it's 400000 as he is the best player ever to step onto a pitch from the start of football

When does the clock stop in football?

In football, the clock is stopped when the player goes off bound or is tackled. In college football, when a team earns a first down, the clock is stopped.

Who earns more footballers or basketballers?


Who earns the most money in football?


What sports is the maximum money earner?

I would say football because it is the most physical and it has the most gear. A professional football player earns about 600,000 dollars a year.

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