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The 2010 -2011 champion Barcelona got 110 million pounds for winning the champion league.And the looser Manchester United got 64 million pounds.

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Chelsea made around 47.7 m pounds after winning the Champions League. This included the UEFA prize money and other bonuses.

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80Million pounds.

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Q: How much did Chelsea make for winning the champions league?
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After winning the game, they were the state champions.

Which European city has had three teams compete in the champions league in the same season?

if Tottenham make it through the qualifying stage next season, the London will have 3 reps at the champions league. Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham IF they make it. I don't know if there were any other cities with 3 teams in.

Is Ashley Cole still a footballer?

Cole began his career with Arsenal in 1999, going on to make 228 appearances, scoring 9 goals for the club, and winning two Premier Leaguetitles, three FA Cups and a runners-up medal from the 2006 UEFA Champions League Final. In August 2006, after a protracted transfer saga, he completed the move to rival club Chelsea in exchange for £5m plus defender William Gallas. Cole is a regular in the Chelsea first-team winning a second Champions League runners-up medal in 2008, three more FA Cups and his third Premier League title in 2010. On 15 May 2010, he became the first player to win six FA Cup winner's medals. Cole married singer Cheryl Tweedy in July 2006. They separated in February 2010; divorce proceedings began in May 2010.

When did Ryan Giggs make his champions league debut?

Ryan Giggs made his Champions League debut in 1991 - 92season.

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How many times has Samuel etoo won the uefa champions league?


How do you get into the europa league?

There are a few ways a team can get into the Europa League. The teams who finish best in their domestic league, after the Champions league places have been taken. There are spots on offer for domestic trophies, through the fair play rankings. Also those who do not make it out of the group stage of the champions league.

Did arsenal qualify for this years last 16 in the champions league?

Yes, Arsenal did make it to the round of 16 for this champions league this year. They are currently scheduled to play Bayern Munich on February 19, 2013.

Which club is most famous victory in UEFA Champions League?

Im a big united fan, but i have to say the most famous Champions League game has to be Liverpool coming from 3-0 down in the 2005 final in Istanbul to level 3-3 then going on to beat Milan 3-2 in the shootout. Magical! But also, that wonderful night in Moscow. John Terry with one kick away from crowning Chelsea European Champions, slips, misses, then Van Der Sar saving from Anelka to make Manchester United Champions of Europe! Moscow comes close to Istanbul but Liverpool take this one.

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I very much doubt it, they did not make it through to the knock out stages.

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In pes 2010 in master league can you play the campions league in your first season?

At the start of the 1st season you are automatically into the qualifying rounds of the champions league, but if you go out of it without winning, you will have to come in the top 3 of your league E.g English league, ligue, etc. to play in it again next year, but if you come less than that you wont be in it. But atleast make sure you come 4th, because then you can go into the europa league. I hope this helps. :)