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I think you mean their prize money. Chelsea made approximately 46m in prize money after winning champions league.

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Q: How much did Chelsea have in champions league 2012?
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How much was rewarded to Chelsea after they won 2012 uefa champions league finals?

900 million pounds

How much will a winner of this year champions league earn?

Usually , a Champions League winner get around 40-50m pounds in prize money. For ex - When Chelsea won the league in 2012, they got 47.7 million pounds.

How much money Chelsea earn from winning champions league?

80Million pounds.

How much did Chelsea FC won as their UEFA champions league victory?


How much did Chelsea make for winning the champions league?

Chelsea made around 47.7 m pounds after winning the Champions League. This included the UEFA prize money and other bonuses.

How much did Chelsea fc made from last years champions league?

Chelsea made 148milion pounds last season

How much is does uefa champions league worth 2012?

1 billion dollars

How much money will Chelsea receive for winning champion league in 2012?

1 billion pounds.

How much do you get for winning a game in the champions league?

you get 340k for winning a champions league group stage game

How much is man utd v Chelsea champions league final 2008 moscow programme signed by all players worth?

About 1 million dollars

How much is the prize money for uefa champions league team winner?

With bonuses and extra money included, Champions League winning clubs accumulate 40-50m in prize money. For example, Real Madrid got 46m in prize money and Chelsea won 46m in prize when they won the league.

How much does champion league worth?

The Champions League is worth a lot of money. The winners of the Champions League get 10.5 millions euros as a cash prize.

How much does UEFA Champions League worth?


How much do the winners of the champions League get?

They get 30million fund.

How much do the winners of the English League get?

In 2005, Chelsea won ?10,000,000 in prize money for winning the Premiership £12m champions league £11m fa cup 7,5 but clubs usually earn more from their sponsorship contracts

How much is in champions league this year?

I50 million pounds

How much is the champions league cup worth in pounds?


How much do Champions league referees get paid?

2000 euros

How much is the prize money for winning the champions league?


How much do you get for winning the UEFA champions league?

100,000,000 pounds

How much does the champions league trophy cost?

The Champions league trophy costs 10,000 swiss francs. It was designed by swiss jeweller Jörg Stadelmann.

How much is the champions league worth?

The winners of english premier league gets €16 million

How much does a team get for winning the uefa champions league?

00 pounds

How much prize money for winning champions league?

10 kr.

How much does the champions league final tickets cost?

£1000 each