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Q: What is the lowest scoring college basketball game before the shot clock era and in the shot clock era?
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Lowest scoring USC - UCLA basketball game?

26 to 12 ucla

What was the lowest scoring UCLA basketball game?


What is uconn mens basketball lowest scoring half?

4 points

What is the lowest final score of a college basketball game?

On December 14, 2005 the Princeton Tigers lost to the Monmouth Hawks. The final score was Monmouth 41 - Princeton 21, and it set a record for the lowest scoring college basketball game in the modern era. ( I remember another score that is very less than 41 - 21. In 1970 or 71 a game finished 7 - 4. ( What is intended for modern era?) I don't remember the teams but they were small college teams. If modern era is after 1970, then Tennessee vs Temple 11 - 6 on December 15, 1973 could qualify for second lowest.

Lowest scoring NCAA mens basketball tourny game?


Who were the coaches in the lowest scoring high school basketball game?

2 to 1

Lowest scoring pro basketball game?

i don't know so why ask me

What is the lowest scoring NCAA mens basketball game?

Possibly 0-0?

What was the lowest scoring NBA basketball game?

Minneapolis Lakers 19-18 in 1950.

What was the lowest scoring college football game without a score?


What was the lowest scoring first half for a UNC v. NC State basketball game?


What was the Lowest scoring big ten basketball game?

Penn state over Wis 36 to 33

What was the lowest scoring basketball Duke versus North Carolina game in the 1964 1965 1966?


Lowest scoring women's basketball game?

The lowest score for a known women's basketball game was 16-7. It was the 5A Oregon state championship between Willamette and Springfield. Springfield won. The score was 4-0 at halftime.

What is the Lowest scoring basketball game ever?

The lowest scoring game was ever recorded was 0-0 in Alabama vs Colorado the refferies called it a game after 56 overtimes High school vermont boys basketball: The Fairfax Bullets won the game 5-2 against there rivals the Milton Yellow Jackets

What is the lowest winning score of a college basketball game?


What year had the lowest seeds in the Final Four of college basketball?


What is the lowest scoring NCAA basketball game?

Tennessee State University vs. Ogelthorpe......7 to 4 TSU won I believe it was in 1971

What was the lowest score in college basketball game in division 2 in 1971?


What was the lowest final score for a Fresno State college basketball game?


Who was lowest scoring batsman in 2011 cricket worl cup?

No one keeps the information about the lowest scoring batsman,everyone keeps the record of highest scoring batsman who was Dilshan.

What is the lowest final score of an acc college basketball game?

NCSU 12, Duke 10

What was the lowest ranked college team to win the ncca basketball championship?

Villanova as an 8 seed

What is is the lowest scoring NBA game ever?

the lowest scoring NBA game ever before the shot clock was in 1950 at Minneapolis Lakers home court vs Fort Wayne pistons, the final score was 19-18, pistons won. after the shot clock, the lowest scoring game was Boston vs Milwaukee, the final score was 62-57, Boston won.

What is the 5 lowest scoring professional football - soccer league over the last 2 years in the world?

"mamady sidibe" Who ever wrote this clearly doesn't understand the question...the question asked what is the lowest scoring 'LEAGUE' not lowest scoring player or team.