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Q: What was the lowest scoring first half for a UNC v. NC State basketball game?
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What was the first scoring in basketball?

1-0 was the very first basketball scoring

What state was the first game basketball?


Which NBA player led the league in scoring this past season in basketball 09 - 10?

Kevin Durant. He averaged at least 25 PPG or more, which was first in the NBA

What team starts the second half in a basketball game?

It all depends on who got the basketball at the beginning of the game. Whoever gets the ball after the jump ball also gets it fourth quarter. The other team gets the ball second and third quarter. Hope I answered your question! Good luck!

Who was the first black basketball player at Oklahoma State?

L.C. Gordon, 1957

Which Iowa player opened the season by scoring three touchdowns on his first three carries against Kent State?

Aaron Greving

Who was the first Michigan state womens basketball coach?

Mikki Bailey

Who was the first official head coach of the Michigan State basketball team?

Charles Bemies

What state did basketball began in?

Basketball was created in 1891 by a physical education professor and instructor at what is now Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts. The first official game of basketball was played in Albany, New York in January 1892.