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Q: What was the lowest final score for a Fresno State college basketball game?
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Is Fresno state college is a private school?

No, it's a junior college. Fresno pacific is a private school.

Who were the first people to attend Fresno state?

California State University began in the 1920's as a teacher's college and soon developed into Fresno State. The original campus was located at the Fresno City college site and in 1950 moved to it's location today making Fresno City college a community college.

Who will be the next head Fresno state basketball coach?

Vance walberg

Which college did Logan Mankins attend?

Fresno state

What college did Lorenzo Neal attend?

Fresno State

What college did Bernard Berrian attend?

He attended Fresno State.

What college had bulldogs name first?

Fresno State in Washington

When did Fresno State begin?

Fresno State began on Sept.11, 1911 as Fresno Normal School and in 1921 the name was changed to State Teachers College and offering a BA in education. By 1935 it was renamed Fresno State and in 1949 it began to offer MA/MS degrees.

Which team won the 2008 College World Series?

Fresno State

Who best punter in College football right now?

Robert Malone, Fresno State

Where did seyi ajirotutu go to college?

seyi ajirotutu went to fresno state in California

Who won the Women's College World Series in 1998?

Fresno State (CSU Fresno) won the College World Series in 1998. They did not go undefeated in the series. They ended their season 52-11.