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Q: Who were the coaches in the lowest scoring high school basketball game?
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What do coaches look for in tryouts for high school basketball?

Good basketball players, of course.

How many high school girls basketball coaches are there in Texas?

For every team there is a coach

Who is the Connecticut high school basketball scoring leader all time?

Dan ogelsby

Who is the Michigan all time high school basketball scoring leader?

ritchie gordon

Who is the Minnesota High School Basketball all-time scoring leader?

Kevin Garnett

How many coaches have won NCAA basketball championships that graduated from that school?

i know roy Williams has

What high school basketball team had the highest scoring average in a season?

Hobbs new Mexico

North Carolina's high school basketball all-time scoring list?

Rod Howard

Highest scoring middle school basketball game ever?

Hilsman Middle School in Athens Ga. 70-25

What is the yearly income of a high school basketball coach?

Part time coaches earn less, full time coaches earn more (often the same as a teacher)

Who is Florida High School basketball scoring leader all time?

teddy dupay

How much to college mens basketball coaches get paid?

Here is a salary survey of college basketball coaches from all levels.