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The baseline

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Q: What is the line you serve from called in tennis?
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Is it out if the ball lands on the line in a serve in tennis?

If any part of the ball is touching the line, but the rest is out, it is still called in.

What line to you stand at to serve tennis?

The base line, the line in the back.

What is a backhand serve in tennis?

There ISN'T anything called a "backhand serve" in tennis.

What line do you stand at to serve in tennis?

You must stand behind the base line.

What is an illegal serve called in tennis?

A fault.

In tennis what is an illegal serve called?

A foul.

What is the first stroke of tennis called?

a serve

What is a winning tennis serve called?

An ace

What is the winning tennis serve called?

It is called a service ace!

What is a service fault in tennis?

a service fault in tennis is when you either when you serve and you don't get it over the first line OR you get it out

What is the winning serve in tennis called?

Match point

What line do you stand on when serve in tennis?

You stand behind the white line at the back of the court. This is known as the base line.

What is an unreturned serve in tennis called?

If the player is unable to hit the serve then it is an ace. But if the player hits the ball but does not return it, then it is a forced error.

Can tennis server call his own serve out?

In professional tennis, there are line judges for that. In non-professional tennis, however, a server can call his or her own serve out. Most do not because it is a point against them, even though the opponent thought the serve was in.

Why is a tennis serve called a serve?

Because you hit the ball with some kind of racket and that is why you call it a serve.

Can you step over the boundary line when you serve?

In tennis, it is a foul if you step over the line while serving.

Are you allowed to serve both sides of the line in table tennis?

In singles you can serve to any part of the table. In doubles you can only serve to/from the right court. If the ball touches the line, it is in.

Tennis the first stroke of any point is called what?


What is the name of the line at the back of the court of tennis called?

The Base Line. :)

What is โ€œa faultโ€ in tennis?

A missed serve is called a fault. When she/ he serve is a fault if the server swings and misses the ball

In Tennis what is a legal serve which the opponent fails to touch or the point which is scored as a result?

The legal serve where the opponent fails to touch the tennis ball is called 'ACE'.

What is the back boundary line called in tennis?


Why is a serve in tennis called a serve?

I (believe) that it is because you give the ball to the other halve of the court, as if you are their waiter and are serving them.

What happens if a tennis serve in right on the line of the service box?

If the serve touches any part of the service box (including the white lines that enclose it), then the serve is in. This includes barely nicking any part of the line.

What is a legal serve called when the receiver cannot touch the ball in tennis?