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You need a 23 on the beep test

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Q: What is the fitness rate for soccer?
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What is uses of soccer?

I think you mean 'what is the use of soccer' and I would say... fitness :)

How is soccer is a muscled fitness?

soccer is a muscled fitness cause ur leg muscled hit the ball and push the ball as hard as it can go

What is the difference between physical fitness and fitness?

The word "fitness" is more general than the words "physical fitness." In other words, physical fitness is one kind of fitness. Usually, "physical fitness" refers to cardiovascular fitness, which can be measured in terms of your resting heart rate, your maximum heart rate during strenuous exercise, and your recovery time (the time it takes your heart rate to return to resting heart rate after reaching maximum heart rate). In other words, cardiovascular fitness measures the fitness of your heart. Other kinds of fitness include muscular strength and endurance. .

How does heart rate change with age fitness and exercise?

heart rate decreases with age and increases with fitness and exercise

How can you be good at soccer?

You can be good at soccer by practicing ball work as well as fitness and loving the sport.

What component of fitness can lead to a decrease in resting heart rate?

Cardiovascular fitness can lead to a decrease in resting heart rate.

Can you describe the health and fitness benefits of playing football-soccer?


What sports mainly use aerobic fitness?

Soccer hands down.

What sport has Coca-Cola helped financially to promote fitness?


What fitness components must you have for soccer?

· The five main components of fitness in football are as follows:SpeedCardiovascular enduranceMuscular powerFlexibilityAgilityCardio-Respiratory Endurance

What is the failure rate of fitness business?


Fitness requirements for soccer?

Soccer is the most balanced team sport. Flexibility, stamina and strength are required in equal amounts.

How do you rate your own cardiovascular fitness?

ECG and blood pressure helps in rating your own cardiovascular fitness.

How is basketball a good sport for physical fitness?

Yes, but soccer is much better

What does intensity mean in fitness?

Insensity in fitness means the level of difficulty of the exercise. Your pulse rate can show how intensely you are working. Insensity in fitness means the level of difficulty of the exercise. Your pulse rate can show how intensely you are working.

How does recovery rate relate to fitness?

The faster the recovery heart rate drops, the more fit you are

In soccer What 3 components of fitness would each position require?

In soccer the 3 components of fitness that each position would require are endurance speed and agility. These components will make one effective in their position of play.

What do people enjoy most when there doing fitness activities?

they enjoy soccer, volleyball, and basketball.

Which sport requires more physical fitness soccer or basketball?

The answer is rugby / American football

What skills you learn when you play soccer?

get better fitness levels and accuracy with shooting the ball

How your resting heart rate is an indicator of your fitness?

Generally a lower resting heart rate (RHR) indicates a better fitness level. High RHR's, like over 100, could be a sign of bad health or low physical fitness.

What has the author Barry Walsh written?

Barry Walsh has written: 'Fitness the footballers' way' -- subject(s): Exercise, Physical fitness, Soccer, Training

How does active heart rate reflect your fitness level?

you are mom level

What is an indicator of improved metabolic fitness?

a decrease in resting heart rate

What factors affect pulse rate?

activity, fitness, age, and stress