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Typically, anxiety can make a player shaky or scared. They will often not be as much of impact as they would be if they had no anxiety. The

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How does arousal and anxiety effect sports performance?


What effect does anxiety have on sports performance?

People have performance anxiety, because they are afraid that they are going to fail when in a situation of pressure. It takes away their confidence, and messes them up in whatever sport they are competing in.

How does arousal and anxiety affect sports performance?


How can arousal and anxiety affect sports performance?

you can get confused or have an anxiety attack in the middle of game if there is a lot of stress.

What are the long term effects of Arousal and Anxiety in Sports Performance?


How does state anxiety affect sports performance?

It affects your concentration and the performance. If you're very anxious, you can not focus or concentrate on work, school, and sports.

How does anxiety affect sports performance long term?

well anxiety effects your over all performance. You would be a ball hog as it is called, but you would not be a good team mate

How does anxiety affect a sports performance?

It makes them think so much about the anxiety that they can think about the sport the are playing (I'm only 8).

What effect does stress have on sports performance?

Stress usually has a negative effect on sports performance. When the mind is disturbed, it becomes difficult for one to coordinate physical activities.

How does the emotion effect sports performance?

deprestion love

Does alcohol effect your sports performance?

Alcohol will causes you synapses in your brain to disintegrate making response and judgment impaired. So, yes Does alcohol effect your sports performance?

How can culture effect your sports performance?

It can affect your sport's performance by the characteristics you have that affect play.

What are the effect of drugs in sport performance?

One needs to be more specific. Which aspect of sports performance? Which sports.

How does practicing effect sports performance?

it makes you much better

How does regular exercise effect sports performance?

it effects it posativley

How does motavation effect sports performance?

sports performance not only based on physical ability but it's also depend highly on the psychic state of the sportsperson so obvious motivation helps to increase sports performance

How does smoking effect sports training?

Smoking does effect your health and your performance. You probably can tell a huge difference by not smoking in your performance. Hope this helps

How does malnutrition affect sports performance?

malnutrition affects sports performance because if you don't treat your body right it will have a negative effect and you will be unable to play.

How does sleep effect sports performance?

if you dont sleep then you play terribly

How does personality effect performance in sports?

the better you are at other things like drawing and boxing the better you will be at sports

What effect does concentration have on sports performance?

Concentration will often have a positive impact on a sports performance. If someone does not concentrate on what they are doing during a sport, then they are prone to make mistakes.

How does math anxiety affect your grades?

Math anxiety affects performance. Performance affects grades.

How does stress effect sports performance?

Stress makes you tired and un-confident

How does power effect power on sports performance?

it giives you power it giives you power

Does sports drinks effect your performance?

yes if your allergic but other wise no not at all