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Smoking does effect your health and your performance. You probably can tell a huge difference by not smoking in your performance. Hope this helps

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A sports performer affected by smoking?

It can effect you it just depends on the person. Me personally it does not effect me.

How does smoking effect you body when doing sports?

Smoking is bad for your lungs, therefore it affects your ability to breath steadily, which is required for most sports.

What effect does smoking have in sport?

Smoking hurts your lungs what means you playing sports gets lower and lower.

How does smoking affect sports training and performance?

Sports training and sports performance is greatly affected by smoking in several ways. Smoking reduces fitness. It does this in a number of ways, chiefly by reducing the amount of oxygen available in the body. Since oxygen plays a major role in energy production, even a minor depletion has an impact on physical performance.

Why do psychological factors effect sports training?

You have to be able to focus,

What effect does smoking have on teeth?

What effect does smoking have on teeth?

Is it training affect of training effect?

it is training effect. :)

Does smoking effect a pregnancy test?

No smoking doesn't effect the test.

What are the short term effect of personality on training and sports?

Overall positive if participating; if only watching mixed.

Why smoking is bad for weight training?

Smoking constricts your blood vessels which affect their ability to transport oxygen and other molecules (glucose) to your muscles which will effect their ability to contract. Also smoking makes it harder for your lungs to absorb oxygen.

How does smoking effect a nursing mother's milk?

The smoking will effect the baby becuse the chemicals in it

What has the author Dean Snider written?

Dean Snider has written: 'The effect of a mental skills training program on the confidence and performance of intercollegiate volleyball players' -- subject(s): Physical education and training, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Physical education and training, Psychological aspects of Sports, Sports, Training, Volleyball

When smoking who do they effect?

the atmosphere the enviroment the person who is smoking

What can smoking cause and effect?

smoking what? weed? or ciggs?

What is sports training?

Sports Training is where the players of a team train to get better at the sport or where they get stronger at their position

What is the effect of smoking on amoxicillin?

The effect of smoking while taking amoxicillin is a reduced effect of the antibiotics. Due to reduced effect of the drug, one will have prolonged healing period.

Does smoking effect asthma?

it does

Does smoking effect your complexion?


What effect does smoking have on a persons body functions?

smoking what? a cigarette? marijuana?

What effect does smoking have on unborn babies?

by stop smoking drinking rum

What effect does smoking have on vital capacity?

Smoking decreases vital capacity.

What is the operating life of the Fitlight before recharging is required?

The batteries have a minimum 4 hour operating life before they are required to be recharged. light training reaction lights reaction training tool reaction training reflex training tool reaction training reflex training tool training products for athletes training products for athletes speed training system advanced sports training equipment speed training products speed training system sports training systems sports training systems advanced sports training equipment

Is it training affect or training effect?

Affect is a verb. Effect is what a cause does. Training is a cause, therefor the effect is losing weight. And you are affecting your health positively.

What is the effect of resistance training on weight management?

What is the effect of resistance training on bone strength

How does smoking effect you mentally?

no smoking does not affect you mentally unless you do it too much.