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The Tippman X7 is better quality faster rate of fire and is just an all around better gun.

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Q: What is the difference between the Tippmann a-5 and Tippmann X7?
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What are the threads for a Tippmann A-5?

This statement is half true but half untrue. The tippmann A5 and 98 custom do indeed have different threads. But after the A5 tippmann made the X7 which has identical threads to that of an A5. Because of this a barrel with "Tippmann A5" threads, will fit on a tippmann x7, but will not fit on a tippmann 98 custom.

Tippmann x7 vs a5?

The X7 is an A5 with a different shell and a fake magazine. They are internally the same. The A5 costs a whole lot less. The tippmann x7 PHENOM however is far superior to the A5 in that it is spool valve and can use batteries for full auto and burst while still using mechanical semi, requiring no batteries.

Does the tippmann gryphon powerback paintball gun use the same barrels as the tippmann 98 custom?

I believe it is a5/x7 threaded.

Will a Flasc barrel extender work with the Tippmann A5 and if not is there a barrel extender that does?

No, it uses autococker threading. There are currently no barrel extenders with the A5/X7 threads.

What is the best Tippmann to buy?

The Best Tippmann is the X7 phenom. It is the only Tippmann with a spool valve, regulator and can run on batteries as well as without. The 98 is the cheapest and simply shoots and nothing more. The A5 is the 98 with a cyclone feed and slightly better internal design. The X7 (non phenom) is and A5 with more plastic- do not buy it.

What is the difference between a tombstone and an ASA as related to a paintball marker?

The "tombstone" is what the gas-valve connection device on the Tippmann A5/X7. It is on the end of the steel hose, which is connected to the ASA or Air source adapter, where the tank is screwed in.

Do A-5 paint ball gun parts work with X7 paint ball gun parts?

All of the internals are interchangeable between the x7 and A5. Also several parts also work form the Tippmann 98.

What is the difference between the tippmann x7 phenom and the tippmann a-5?

The Phenom uses a spool valve, that has better accuracy and consistency. It also can work in semi-automatic if the battery dies, where the E-A5 will stop working. It also has no gas lines across the bottom, as is aesthetically much different.

Are tippmann buttstocks compatible with Tiberius pistols?

Only the 98 style buttstocks, the ones with a cylinder and a hole in the front. The Tippmann a5/x7 style with the plate and two screws will not.

Tippmann X-7 Paintball Marker vs Tippmann A-5 Marker with E-Grip?

the stock tippmann X7 is literally the A5 with a different body, basically more plastic, and without the electric trigger. the X7 phenom is better than the A5 w/ egrip however because of its spool valve design and its ability to run full and burst on battery and semi without batteries.

Can a tippmann A5 be used in a round?

The tippmann A5 is supposed to be used in paintball.

Which is better Tippmann A5 or alpha black?

Tippmann A5 is way better

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