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No, tippman uses 98 or a5 threads, mr1 has spyder threads.

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โˆ™ 2011-11-28 15:20:39
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Q: Will a tippmann stock fit on a spyder mr1?
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Does a tippmann 98 have the same threads as a spyder mr1?

NO. Tippmann 98 has its own unique threading

What longer barells fit the spyder MR1's threads?

Any barrel that is Spyder threaded.

Which is better Tipmann us army alpha or spyder mr1?

Tippmann also makes the US Army Alpha series, so they are equal........ But the MR1 is not as widely respected at the Tippmanns are, most of that is due to the tough and durable nature of the Tippmann.

Which paintball gun is better the spyder mr1 or the project salvo?

The salvo has more accessories and has a better feed neck and stock then the Mr1.

Does the e triger from a spyder vs2 fit the mr1?

No it does not the mounting systems are close but not the same

What is a good working paintball gun that has a low price?

Tippmann 98's, spyder mr1/victor, and azodin ats/kaos are good to start.

Should you buy a tippmann carver one or a Spyder MR1?

It is really too close to call. Both are entry level woodsball oriented markers. If you want more durability, get the carver, but if you want to play with a stock, get the Mr1. Since they will both perform the same, just find out which one "feels" better in your hands.

What year was the spyder mr1 released?


Should you get the BT-4 or the spyder mr1?

The only difference is the weight, and shape. If you want a more militarily style look and better customization, go with eh Bt4. If you prefer spyder style markers, and not having to buy a stock, go with the Mr1.

What is a cheap good paintball marker?

There are several paintball guns that are cheap and meet basic functions, none of them are "good." tippmann 98, azodin kaos, spyder mr1, are some of these markers.

What is max velocity of a mr1 spyder?

about 230 fps

Is the spyder MR1 electronic?

No, it is mechanical. The EMR1 is electric.

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