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Well it depends on how mature you are. Also if you want to go to the Olympics I would say start around 4. If not maybe 7-10 would be best. Remember you can start a sport at any age.

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Q: What is the best age to start a sport?
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What is the best age to start exercise?

Exercise is best to start at a young age, where playing and running around is crucial in everyday life. Often once kids go to school, they take a sport. If there is no sport, make sure you get your child involved in a sport or program after school. Joining a gym is good, too.

Which sport can I start at age 23?

Tennis, rugby, or football.

Is it to late to start gymnastics at the age of 12?

No, you can start gymnastics at any age. It is a fun sport to stay active and in shape for any age. :) Hope this helped

What age do you need to start playing a sport?

I started playing baseball when I was 4.

Can you start ballet at age 17?

Yes you can!You can start at any age but it is best to not start when you are at primary school!

Is it too late to join gymnastics ate the age of 11?

No. You can start almost any sport at almost any age.

What does your age have to be to play waterpolo?

You can be any age, its better to start younger like any sport, but there are leaguges for older people to.

What age should you start to wear bras?

I suggest having a bra when you are about 10.Sports bra's are mostly a good usage at that age.You can have those on any age,but regular bras should be worn when you are 14.But the sport bra's are the best for any age.

How old do you have to be to start dancing?

there is not a right age to start dancing but the best age to start is 2/3 years old.

What is the best age to start on steroids?


What is the best age for a girl to start acting?

Whenever she feels ready to start her career for her older age maybe a young age!:)

Why did mia hamm start playing soccer at age 6?

beacause they moved to italy and it was a popular sport

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