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What happens if carbon dioxide levels in the blood are too low

Which sport combined the games of handball and squash

What type of surface is the All-England championships at Wimbledon played on

Which of these sports features a competition known as the Grand Slam

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Q: Is tennis the best sport ever?
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Was tennis the first sport ever?


Is the national sport in china table tennis?

Yes,table tennis is China's best sport.

Which sport is best basketball or table tennis?

Table tennis

What was the first professional sport ever played with a ball?

Tennis. Henry the eighth played tennis.

Why is table tennis an Olympic sport?

Have you ever tried playing an Olympian in Table Tennis? It's an Olympic sport because it takes skill to play it.

What sports made soccer?


Which sport is the best paid in the world?


What sport gets you the best condition?


Which sport is not considered a group team sport?

The sport of tennis.

What is the third best sport in the world?

lawn tennis

Why is tennis a good sport to play?

Sport is good .. Tennis is a sport .. so tennis is a good sport to play?

Is tennis an Olympic sport?

Yes. Tennis was a sport at the first modern Olympics in 1896 until 1924 when it was discontinued. It made its return to the Olympics in 1984 and has been contested ever since.

What sport does Mexico play best?

Mexico play best at football or tennis bcause you don't here them in any other sport

Is dirt biking the best sport in the worid today?

worid? i think you mean world...and no, its not the best sport in the world. tennis is.

Is badminton the best sport ever?

that badminton is the best sport ever, it is depended upon the person who likes it or no or if the majority is differentiated.

What was the best sport before football?

A raging sport before football for my great grandpa was football (soccer). He loved it so! -R-tennis or table tennis

Why is hockey your favorite sport?

what is the best sport ever

What is the best sport for someone who is afraid of gym class?

tennis or golf

Is tennis a sport that you get pressure from?

Tennis is also a sport that you can get pressure from.

Is basketball the best sport ever?

YES of course!!! Who wouln't think basketball is the best sport ever with Brian Scalabrine playing it.

Why is soccer a olympic sport?

Because it is the best sport ever!!! ;)

What sport Sweet Science?

the best sport ever boxing

Is basketball a good sport?

Basketball is the best sport ever

What is the top 5 most watched sports in America in order?

the fifth best sport is tennis the fourth best is soccer the third best is hockey the second best is basketball and the best sport is football

Is tennis a sport or hobby?

Tennis isn't a sport, it is more of a hobby.