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No, you can start gymnastics at any age. It is a fun sport to stay active and in shape for any age. :)

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Q: Is it to late to start gymnastics at the age of 12?
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Can you start at the age of 12 for gymnastics?

You can start at any age!

Is 12 an old age to start gymnastics?


Can you start gymnastics at age 12?

Of Course You Can!!

At what age did Beth tweddle start gymnastics?

she was 12

Can 12 year old girls start gymnastics with no experience?

yes. You can start gymnastics at almost any age, for the fun of it!

Can a 12 year old girl start gymnastics?

A 12 year can absolutely start gymnastics! However it would be a little late if she was looking to do serious competition. Gymnastics would really help her with strength and flexibility!

Is it too late to join gymnastics at 12?

No,it is never too late to join gymnastics. Brazillian gymnast Daiane Dos Santos started gymnastics at age 11 and was a world class gymnast. If you want to do gymnastics, follow your dreams and go for it!

Are you able to start gymnastics at the age of 12?

YES! i did and i love it! you can pretty much be any age to do it. (: HAVE FUN!

Is it too late to start piano lessons at age 12?

It's never too late to start.

Is 12 a pretty good age to start gymnastics?

Should start much younger if you want to be really good

Is 12 to old to start gymnastics?


Can you be 12 and start gymnastics?

Yes for sure! You don't have to start when you're little to do gymnastics, it can be fun for all ages!

Is it ok to start gymnastics at age 12-14?

Sure! You probably won't be able to win medals, but you can enjoy the Heath benefits and the fun of gymnastics. Some adults do gymnastics too; one man started when he was 45!

Do boys start puberty at age 12?

it varies for all as early as 11 or as late as 16.

Can you start gymnastics at 12 years old?

yes. u can

Is 10 too old to start gymnastics?

No way. You can start gymnastics at any age. Some people start when they are 4 and others start when they are 12 but you can start any age inbetween. ---- What Gymnastics sport are you asking about? There are in some countries 6 or more different Gymnastic Sports. In the US there is 6 The one that has the oldest gymnast participating in it is Group Gymnastics. There has been athletes in their 80's. Acrobatic Gymnast can get into their 30's at the international elite level and so does Gymnast who concentrate in Tumble and Trampoline.

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Is it too late to try lacrosse at age 12?

== == Of course not! It's never too late to start practicing a sport (or almost never too late). Most people don't start until they are in high school or college.

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Im 13 is it too late to start gymnastics I want to start but i am afraid that it may be too late also are there any free gymnastics learning centers in NYC?

Girl! Your neva! and i mean neva to old to join gymnastics! espicially only 13. I'm a 12 year old level 8 gymnast and i went to a meet and saw a 40 year old woman competing! ha:) but anyways i dont think there are any free gymnastics groups you can join, but i may be wrong. hope this helped!<3

Is it possible to start gymnastics at the age of twelve?

Yes, but it would be to late to try to be an Olympian. But that doesn't mean you cannot still have fun learning and doing it at the age of 12. Go for it! You can totally go for it I'm 12 and i am starting now but i am pretty flexible and have been practicing basic gymnastics skills all summer so try to practice and you can get good. Brazilian gymnast Daiane dos Santos started at our age and made it to both 2004 and 2008 Olympics which is why she is my inspiration, if train hard enough you can make it!

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What companies start hiring at the age of 12?

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What is the average gymnastics level for a 12 year old?

Level 7-10, but it varies. Some people who start late are around level 2 or 3, even. I was an elite, but that's not usual.