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Its called "A Rugby Ball" simple as that - There are different manufactures of these balls but they are all a rugby ball

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Q: What is the ball you play rugby with called?
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What is the ball that is used to play rugby?

You use a rugby ball to play rugby. It is shaped like an egg.

What is the ball called in rugby?

A Rugby Ball. there are no other names for it

How long is the ball in play in a game of rugby league?

The game Rugby League requires the player to have the ball with him. You cannot play Rugby League without the ball. So the ball is in play for 80mins.

What happens if you drop the ball in rugby?

If you drop the ball forward in Rugby, it is called an "knock on", that means the ball has to be handed over to the other team If the ball goes back, it is play on.

Since when did people play rugby?

Technically never as it was called rugby football (when the dude picked up the ball)

What is the proper name for a rugby ball?

Its just called a rugby ball.

What is the name given to rugby ball?

there isn't its just called a rugby ball

What is a rugby ball called?


What is the average time the ball is in play in a rugby game?

Rugby game is required to have the ball in play all times. So the answer would be 80mins.

What is the size of the rugby ball they use to play professional rugby?

size 5

What type of ball do they use in rugby?

a rugby ball a rugby ball a rugby ball

Can you play American football with a rugby ball?

NO its to big!

What is the name of the rugby ball?

rugby ball

How is football played in the US?

As far as I know the Americans play it with a ball like a rugby ball-in fact there are a lot of similarities with American football and rugby

What is it called if you throw the ball forward in rugby?

forward pass

Which ball is bigger a rugby ball or an American baseball?

A rugby ball

What kind of ball is used in rugby?

Its a rugby ball

Which is bigger a American football ball or rugby ball?


What is the average Weight of a rugby ball?

A rugby ball at standard play level is expected to be under IRB rules between 410 - 460 grams - average 430

What is rugby played with?

A rugby ball

How was the rugby ball originally made?

how was the rugby ball originally made

Difference in rugby and rugby league balls?

-A rugby union ball is wider than a rugby league ball, but they are the same in length. -A rugby union ball is rounder. -A league ball is less aerodynamic. -A league ball bounces more unpreddictably -A league ball is lighter

When was the rugby ball inveted?

Richard Lindon, a leatherworker in Rugby, England, designed the rugby ball in the 1840s.

How long on average is the ball in play during a rugby match?

A rugby match lasts for 80 minutes - split into two halves of 40 minutes. Time is added o for stoppages such as injuries or the ball going out of play.

What is a rugby line out?

When the ball goes out of play and you throw it in. A bit like a throw-in in football