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NO its to big!

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โˆ™ 2011-03-03 15:09:14
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Q: Can you play American football with a rugby ball?
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How is football played in the US?

As far as I know the Americans play it with a ball like a rugby ball-in fact there are a lot of similarities with American football and rugby

If a football is on the out of bounds line is it in or out of bounds?

In association football, the ball must completely pass over the line: on is in.In American football and rugby football, any contact with the line makes the ball or player out of play: on is out.

What do you do in American football?

play with the ball

What is the difference between American football to English football?

American football is basically rugby, English football is a lot better and you play.

What sports do they play in America?

Americans like to play ice hockey, American football, basket ball, rugby, wrestling and many more sports they like.

Since when did people play rugby?

Technically never as it was called rugby football (when the dude picked up the ball)

What is a rugby line out?

When the ball goes out of play and you throw it in. A bit like a throw-in in football

What is the ball that is used to play rugby?

You use a rugby ball to play rugby. It is shaped like an egg.

What do you play with in American football?


When did people play football?

People have kicked a ball around since the middle ages. However, modern American football began around 1890, evolving from the old English game of rugby. The American Professional Football Association was started in 1920.

What is the difference between rugby and American football?

There are big differences between rugby and American football. In rugby, all players are allowed to handle the ball, but the ball cannot be passed forward. The ball can be kicked forward in an attempt to gain better field position or to catch the other team unaware. Also, unlike American football, there is no blocking allowed in rugby. No player can shield or protect the ball carrier and the ball carrier cannot run behind his own players in an attempt to shield from the other team - doing so results in a penalty. If the player is tackled, play does not stop, as rugby is a continuous sport. Once tackled, the ball carrier must immediately release the ball. A penalty will be called if a player is tackled and does not make an attempt to get away from the ball. As the rugby tends to have non-stop action, players must be equally skilled both offensively and defensively.

What is punt called now?

A punt in some codes of football, especially American football, rugby league and rugby union, is performed when the ball is kicked without letting it hit the ground first-in contrast to a drop kick. In Rugby football codes, the ball may be punted in open play by any player in order to gain field position, or a short-high punt known as an up and under kick in an attempt to disrupt the defensive line. In American football andCanadian football, the football is kicked downfield to the opposing team.

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