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When the ball goes out of play and you throw it in. A bit like a throw-in in football

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Q: What is a rugby line out?
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Related questions

When was Leamington to Rugby Line created?

Leamington to Rugby Line was created in 1851.

What takes place when the ball goes out of bounds in a game of rugby?

in Rugby League its a scrum and in Rugby Union its a Line out or if its behind it post its a 20 metre restart ar goal line drop out

Which is bigger out of a Rugby pitch or NFL?

A rugby field is 100 metres long from score-line to score-line, whereas an nfl field is 100 yards from score-line to score-line. 1 metre = 0.91 yards, so... Rugby Field: 100 Metres NFL Field: 91 Metres

In rugby do you score a try on a try line or a tri line?

You score a try on the try line.

Is a rugby field the same as a football field?

No. A rugby pitch is 100 metres minium goal line to goal line and 70 metres maximum touch line to touch line. A football field is 53 yards wide and 100 years long

Is it out of bounds when it touches the line in rugby?


What is the difference between Football and Rugby?

In rugby you carry a ball across the line whereas football you kick it into a goal.

How many flags on a rugby pitch?

hello, there are 14 flags ona rugby pitch. on each side there is a flag on the dead ball line, try line, 22m line, halfway and the same in the other half and other side.

Where can I purchase a rugby shirt on the Internet?

American Rugby Outfitters has all kinds of rugby style shirts for sale on line. You can also get many other rugby items at the same place if you are interested. Her is the website:

Where does a rugby match start?

From the half way line

What is line official called in rugby?

They are the Assistant Referees

Where can someone purchase a New Zealand rugby shirt?

New Zealand rugby shirts can be bought at several on-line retailers including Amazon and the World Rugby Shop. You can even buy a New Zealand rugby shirt for your dog at World For Pets.

Who throws ball into the line out in rugby?

Generally the Hooker (No. 2).

How long is a rugby field?

The IRB regulations state that a rugby pitch shall not exceed 100 meters from goal line to goal line with an in goal area behind each set of posts not exceeding 22 meters

Where did rugby union start?

rugby started just as rugby there was no rugby union or rugby league it was just rugby. the stiry goes that some people where playing football(soccer) in Bath and for some reason, one guy picked up the ball and ran through everyone and put the ball down over the line and later said he learned how to do that in ireland.

What is the safety zone of a rugby field?

ye the sideline and the deadball line.

Are there any rugby union games on- line?

Yes. On the Sky website.

How long is a rugby union field?

Goal line to goal line is no more than 100 meters with a width of touch line to touch line not exceeding 70 meters

How long is a rugby ground?

Its assumed you mean the oitch as a rugby ground is the whole site used for the game and not the playing areas. The pitch is required by IRB rules to NOT exceed 100 meters from goal line to goal line with an in goal area not exceeding 22 meters and a width from touch line to touch line not exceeding 70 meters

What is a rugby try?

To score a rugby try a player must place the ball on the ground on or over the try line. Or on the ground immediately adjacent to the goal posts.

How long is a rugby field sideline to sideline?

Touch line to touch line the pitch must NOT exceed 70 metres

How many meters in a rugby pitch?

The length goal line to goal line is 100 meters and from touch line to touch line its 69 meters. Both sizes are regulated by the IRB.

What is the Dimensions of rugby field?

The laws state the length shall be no more that 100 meters goal line to goal line and no more then 50 meters touch line to touch line

Why are rugby shorts so tight?

Australia's rugby team model their line of figure-hugging shorts. These are so tight they must severely constrict his circulation and breathing.

What does the initials RFC stand for in the term Gloucester RFC?

The RFC in Gloucester RFC stands for "rugby football club". Rugby is a full contact sport invented in the United Kingdom. The main goal of rugby is to get the ball to the opponents' goal line.