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16 yr.

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Q: What is the age limit for girls playing sport with boys?
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pony tail..girls short..boys

Age limit for boys and girls sharing bedroom in Delaware?

what is the age limit for boys and girls to share a same room

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The most played sport by girls is Basketball. Either boys or girls are allowed to play this sport

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I think Girls are better because girls are good at everything!!!!! Tennis is a sport for both boys and girls. All people can play tennis no matter of gender.

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I guess girls can play but boys normaly play.

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Because girls can only handle 10% of what boys can

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Why is football such a good sport to boys?

i guess its because its a physical sport and boys enjoy watching and playing football.

Do boys or girls recouperat faster when playing sports?


Why can't Girls play sport with boys?

I think girls should be able to play sports with boys beause what if girls really like football and no one would let them play so that wouldn't be fare.Because boys are stronger than girls, and it is dangerous. it's dangerous because if you're playing football, girls can get seireously injured.

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