Should girls be allowed to play boys sport?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Should girls be allowed to play boys sport?
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What is the most sport played by girls?

I am a girl and i play volleyball, golf, basketball, and gymnastics.

Both boys and girls should play on the same sport team why or why not?

AnswerNo. Because there is a different skill level between boys and girls and if girls wanted to play on the same team or league they shouldn't complain if boys go hard on them. If they didn't do that everything would be fine.AnswerWhen they're younger, yes. But as boys reach puberty, they gain muscle and weight that most girls never develop. If a girl can hold her own against the boys at any age however, she should be allowed to play.Answermy school let my play on a boys hockey team. I played JV boys hockey in 7th and 8th grade and now ima freshman and they wanted me up on varsity.yes, for the girls who are tough but no for the girls who worry about their nailsthis ya boy nicholesreginal from Powell but girl should not be allowed to play on the same as the boy because they could get seriously get hurt peace outt

Should girls be allowed to play on sport teams along with th boys?

ummm NO.... ^ I highly disagree with the answer above. Yes. Girls should be allowed. I was the quarter back on an all male football team and I have a trophy to prove it. Girls might actually be a great contributor to the team in dealing with girl's highly skilled multitasking ability that men sadly do not have. Thank you! there is to much discrimination between boys and girls on the same sport team. I am writing a persuasive on this. I know girls are just as tough. My nine year old sister is going to play football cause I believe in her.

Should eleven year old boys be allowed to kiss girls?


Should girls be allowed to play guy sports?

should girls be allowed to play sports with boys. I think yes but then no because girls are good in sports but boys always have to make a big fuss that girls is not better than boys in sports so i say that boys should look back and realize what they say. On the other hand no because there is some girls they is too girly and bet boys that they can when sports but no they can not and also they can get hurt cause boys are tough too.

Why should girls not be allowed on boys sports teams?

because the boys games are more energetic than the girl's games