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Q: What percentage of girls would rather play a sport with boys than girls?
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Would tennis be a good sport for a girl?

Tennis is a great sport for girls of all ages

What is the Nike girls in sport project?

Girls in Sport Project was designed to provide schools with a framework to develop a Girls in Sport policy and action plan that incorporates best practice to develop initiatives that would improve the participation and enjoyment of girls in PE.

Why should girls not be able to play on men sport teams?

the answer is that they would try to crush the girls

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Would you rather play a sport for South Carolina or Clemson?

Depends What sport if it's football or baseball Clemson

What percentage of people play sport for fitness?

I would say about 85%-90%

Why would there be more boys than girls at sport events?

Because girls can only handle 10% of what boys can

What is the best sport for girls?

I would say either volleyball, basketball, or track

Is skateboarding gay?

No, why would it be? It is an enduring and exciting sport for boys and girls aswell~!

What percentage teens across the world would rather not date a smoker?


What can teen girls do at a sleep over?

play truth or dare and would you rather

Would you rather play an individual sport or a team sport?

i would rather sit down on my lazy but crack and play the playstation, because it is more fun. i like cod because it is fun. so don't play sport play the playstation. just to let u no i would rather play a team sport..... yeh.... my name is fatty...yeh my name is kristian and im cool, yeh your not Monique for searching this up so go away...

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